New SPCS Students

Welcome newly admitted SPCS students!

Congratulations on joining the University of Richmond community. Our Welcome to SPCS Students shows you how to begin your journey at Richmond. Start by reviewing our checklist, completing our onboarding process, registering for our campus tour, and telling us more about you.

Be sure to check out our new student onboarding module in the SPCS Student Online Support Community in Blackboard, refreshed each semester, where you’ll learn about resources available to SPCS students and have an opportunity to connect with other new students along with faculty and staff of the School.

Have you decided which classes to take? Check out our current schedule of classes to plan and register. Or set up an advising appointment and get the advice of a student advisor. And sign up for the peer program to get advice from another SPCS student.

As you prepare for your first semester, review the current SPCS Catalog and University of Richmond Student Handbook for important information on the University's expectations for student conduct along with student rights and responsibilities and academic policies and procedures.

The University of Richmond experience is unique, regardless of your age or any other characteristic. And the faculty and staff of the School of Professional & Continuing Studies remain committed to keeping it so.

We’re glad you’re here.