Tuition Remission for UR Employees

The Tuition Remission benefit for University of Richmond faculty and staff is outlined on the Human Resources website, which should be considered the authoritative resource. A summary is provided below.

Under the University of Richmond Tuition Remission benefit, eligible staff and faculty may take one degree-seeking class per semester during the first year of employment. After the first year of employment, staff and faculty may take two degree-seeking classes per semester.

Eligibility and Application

If eligible, benefits are available for earning a first bachelor’s degree or post-bachelor’s credential through SPCS. Check your Education Eligibility on the HR website.

There is no tuition remission for special fees or materials that may be associated with the course(s) taken. These expenses must be paid by the registrant.

The employee, spouse, or dependent children must be academically qualified and must go through regular admission and registration procedures. A tuition remission form for credit courses must be completed and submitted to Human Resources for each course taken or for each semester the student is enrolled.

HR will review your application, and when approved, send it to Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and the Bursar’s Office. The department of Financial Aid will apply the tuition remission to your account. Tuition remission will not be applied to your account until the Add/Drop period closes.

The UR Tuition Remission benefit is managed by Human Resources. Inquiries should be directed there. 

Application and admission to SPCS degree programs requires completing an online application.