Goal 1: Student Centered Mission Alignment

Goal 1 iconEnsure focused, mission-aligned offerings across three student-centered categories:

  • Degree programs
  • Professional education
  • Lifelong learning

SPCS has been serving the needs of nontraditional students for more than 50 years. As globalization, the U.S. economy and technology continue to reshape the job market, we remain committed to offering degree and professional education programs that support adult students in their quests to start, advance or change careers.

Moreover, we will continue to foster a love of lifelong learning and promote the value of continuing education through a variety of learning opportunities that are rooted in our areas of expertise and aligned with the needs and learning styles of our target audiences.


  1. Review degree programs to assure mission-aligned offerings.
  2. Review professional education programs to assure focus on market specific needs.
  3. Review non-professional programs/offerings to assure mission-alignment and market interest.
  4. Establish collaborative advisory councils for each academic and professional education program to ensure ongoing connection to industry needs.
  5. Implement a process for adding new professional education programs/courses.