Professional Development for Alumni

University of Richmond alumni — those who have earned an undergraduate or graduate certificate or degree, including juris doctorate — are eligible for a 50% discount on the tuition fee for one undergraduate SPCS course per academic year.

Build your professional credentials

Most alumni using their tuition discount enroll in a class that will give them a professional boost. Speech Communications, Interdisciplinary Studies, Management, and Law classes are among those that might provide exactly the professional credentials you’re seeking to advance your career.

Brush up on your skills

Staying up-to-date on the latest innovations in information technology, industry standards, and communications technologies is important in today’s globally interconnected workplace. One way to quickly but thoroughly update your skills is to take an undergraduate class in the subject.

Consider earning an undergraduate certificate

Using your alumni discount, you can start earning an undergraduate certificate in Paralegal Studies, Information Security or Information Systems. You may use your alumni discount toward one class each academic year while earning the certificate.

Register or apply now

If you’re interested, get started on your non-degree seeking (NDS) registration form to apply your discount to a class and build your professional credentials or brush up on your skills. And if you’re more interested in starting a post-bachelor’s degree program — or even starting a graduate program that won’t take advantage of the alumni discount but will help you achieve your professional and academic goals — complete the appropriate degree program application. We’ll even waive the application fee for alumni! We’ll contact you to confirm your registration or complete your application.

If you’re a classroom teacher, be sure to check out our already discounted* graduate-level Professional Development for Educators (PED) courses.

* Sorry, your alumni discount doesn’t apply to already discounted or graduate courses, but these educator courses are already discounted by more than 50%!