UR Regional Education Consortium

We’re working for Central Virginia’s schools.

Welcome to Richmond’s regional consortium for PK-12 teacher education coursework at the University of Richmond!

At the University of Richmond, we offer part-time graduate programs for local school professionals in Central Virginia through the School of Professional & Continuing Studies.

We’ve collaborated with local public school divisions and the Virginia Association of Independent Schools to provide their employees with discounted tuition on graduate level coursework.

The discounted programs vary by organization, but the consortium discount is 20% off the current tuition rate. Employees seeking to take advantage of the consortium discount must be accepted and enrolled in an eligible degree program.

Your consortium discount adds up.

We charge tuition by the enrolled semester hour, and most of our courses require 3 hours. Based on current tuition rates*, here are some examples of how the consortium discount saves you money.

Part-time enrollment semester discount

Most students enroll part-time, taking two courses (6 hours) per semester in order to qualify for federal financial aid. The UR Education Consortium discount will save you at least $864 on your semester!

Tuition Rate Fee/Hr. Sem. Hrs. Total
Standard $721 6 $4,326
Discounted $577 6 $3,462

31-hour master’s degree

The UR Education Consortium discount will save you at least $4,464 on your degree!

Tuition Rate Fee/Hr. Req. Hrs. Total
Standard $721 31 $22,351
Discounted $577 31 $17,887

22-hour graduate certificate

The UR Education Consortium discount will save you at least $3,168 on your certificate!

Tuition Rate Fee/Hr. Req. Hrs. Total
Standard $721 22 $15,862
Discounted $577 22 $12,694

Additional Savings

Scholarships—SPCS awards over $150,000 each year in scholarships. Students in the UR Education Consortium may be eligible. Complete a scholarship application each year you’re enrolled.

No Add-on Fees—We don’t charge add-on fees for activities, technology, or athletics. You may have book or supply charges, but your student accounts bill will be charged only tuition fees. In-person students will need to purchase a parking pass each year.

*2023-2024 tuition rates used for calculation. Anticipate moderate (~5%) annual tuition rate increases. Review total cost of attendance for SPCS programs.