Resources for SPCS Staff

SPCS staff members are invited to use the following resources. If SPCS staff have additional suggestions for this page, please contact the web manager

Accomplishments Form

Please notify the School about significant accomplishments and professional milestones. Submitting the notification form shares the information with the assistant to the dean and the senior director of marketing and engagement. Sharing gives us an opportunity to publish your accomplishment throughout the UR and SPCS communities on the Faculty & Staff page.

Bio Request Form

SPCS staff are encouraged (but not required) to have an up-to-date online biographical sketch in the University directory. Use the online bio request form to submit an initial request or to update an existing bio. Questions can be directed to the web manager

Business Travel and Expense Funds Request Form

Complete this the business travel expense request form in advance to request approved for business travel and related expenses. Must be approved by your supervisor, an associate dean and the director of administrative and technical services.

University Staff Guidelines and Standards

UR Human Resources has developed a comprehensive collection of guidelines and expectations for all University staff. Includes staff holidays, leave policies and inclement weather policies.

Professional Development Funds Request Form

Complete the PD funds request form in advance to request approval to use professional development funds for appropriate conferences, classes, training and other activities. Must be approved by your supervisor, an associate dean and the director of administrative and technical services.

Professional Education & Lifelong Learning (PELL) Instructor Handbook

The PELL handbook provides guidelines and expectations for Professional Education and Lifelong Learning instructors. If you’d like to become an instructor, you may discuss a new course with a program manager before submitting a new course request.

Staff Teaching Request Form

SPCS staff who teach credit and noncredit courses should use the request form to request approval from your supervisor and an associate dean. Instructional responsibilities that occur during the workday must not interfere with completing required work functions and activities.

Temporary Network Guest Account Request Form

Professional Education and Lifelong Learning program directors, managers and coordinators may use this request form to request temporary UR network guest accounts for individual classes. Often used to generate temporary credentials for urwin and Blackboard access for PELL students.

Resources for All University Staff

In addition to these resources for SPCS staff, several resources may be useful for all UR staff members.