Arts & Design

In today’s ever-evolving professional landscape, the allure of Arts & Design remains steadfast, serving as a bridge between imagination and functionality. At the School of Professional & Continuing Studies, we curate programs tailored for the diligent working adult, fusing traditional art forms with modern design techniques to create a holistic learning experience.

Our Arts & Design offerings delve into a range of disciplines, from the timeless capture of moments in photography to the intricate art of interior decorating.

While we place a premium on specialized skill acquisition, we deeply value the enrichment that a liberal arts foundation brings. By intertwining the specialized knowledge of Arts & Design with the broader perspectives of a liberal arts education, we cultivate not just artists and designers, but visionaries who appreciate the interplay of history, culture, and aesthetics in their chosen fields.

Course Categories

Photography | Interior Decorating

Registration Options

All registration options require free online account creation prior to purchase. Tuition remission (TR) applies to eligible UR employees only. Alumni discount applies to UR degree programs graduates only.

  • ed2go: Register & pay via our partner ed2go following ed2go refund & cancellation policies. TR may be applied by completing the TR form. Alumni discount does not apply.
  • Enrole: Register & pay via our registration portal following UR refund & cancellation policies. TR may be applied online. Alumni discount may apply.
  • Application: Complete application requirements as directed. May require submitting additional materials. TR may be available upon request. Alumni discount may apply.