Online Resources

As social distancing guidelines continue to prohibit in-person classes, meetings and gatherings, Osher staff members are curating this selection of virtual content. We believe these selections are interesting, instructional and engaging, and that will provide Osher members with a number of options to complement our remote learning opportunities and events.

This page collects and organizes resources we’ve sent out by email and that we continue to post to the UR Osher Community on Facebook. You’re welcome to join the Facebook group for additional opportunities to connect with other members virtually; your membership must be current to join the Facebook group.

We’re sure there are many more free resources available than what we’ve provided, but we hope at least a few of these will be fun and engaging. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know at We’ll consider only resources that are free and open to the public without a paid membership.

And if you encounter problems with any of these links, let us know so we can update the resource.