Paralegal Studies

Rachel Young, winner of the William R. Marshall Jr. Memorial Book Award

Paralegal Studies student Rachel Young received the William R. Marshall Jr. Memorial Book Award during SPCS Night 2021, the school’s annual graduation awards ceremony. Pictured are Young’s award plaque and book.

Law offices and courts don’t function without knowledgeable, trained paralegals and clerks.

The paralegal profession (also known as legal assistant) is dynamic and growing. The efficient law office of today is incomplete without the prudent use of paralegals, working under the supervision of lawyers. As a key fixture in the legal services landscape of the 21st Century, paralegals can generate profitability to law firms, lower bills for clients and contribute toward cost-effective management of law firms.

Bachelor's Degree Our bachelor’s degree major in Paralegal Studies provides the skills needed to perform delegated, substantive legal work in legal offices and corporate legal divisions. Major in Paralegal Studies
Undergraduate Certificate Our Paralegal Studies certificate provides a credential for professionals changing careers into paralegal studies or for those preparing to apply to law schools. Certificate of Applied Studies

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Paralegal Studies

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Our Paralegal Studies program has been named Richmond’s Best Paralegal Program for 5 consecutive years by Virginia Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings.

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