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SPCS intentionally engages adjunct faculty as our primary instructors. Members of our full-time faculty direct the School’s academic programs and strategy. Our adjuncts, who are scholar practitioners with both workplace experience and academic and teaching credentials, bring real-world experience and cutting edge theory into the classroom when they teach.

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Tell us your story. Update your online bio. Find out who sits on SPCS committees. And review the list of program chairs. If you need additional details, information, review details below.

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Faculty Events

Effective Teaching Tools

Effective teaching is at the heart of the School, part of the fabric of the Richmond experience. The resources provided below offer tips and tools for faculty training and improvement, along with links to forms and resources needed to teach and administer classes effectively.

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Innovations in Teaching Teaching resources along 14 dimensions of innovation. Lists annual award winners along with nomination form.
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Online Teaching Resources Hundreds of online teaching & learning resources, organized by category.
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Miers Undergraduate Research Award Faculty nominations accepted annually for undergraduate research excellence.
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UR Faculty Hub University’s pedagogy-focused resource for all faculty.
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SPCS Online Teaching Community Housed on Blackboard (look for TR176), an SPCS community of practice.

Resources for All Faculty

Improving Instruction

The Innovations in Teaching framework defines teaching innovations along 14 dimensions. SPCS gives an annual Innovations in Teaching Award to an adjunct faculty member who demonstrates innovative teaching practices. Nominations for the annual award are generally due in early December.

Our Online Resources for Teaching & Learning have been collected by a committee of adjunct and full-time faculty, spearheaded by Bob Spires and John Zinn. This event is updated as new tools and resources become known and available.

Continuity of Instruction

The University has collected tips, resources and techniques for ensuring that students are able to continue making progress toward their degrees regardless of circumstances. Recent experience with the coronavirus pandemic reveals the importance of making a plan to continue instruction. The following summarizes primary recommendations:

Campus Emergencies

In the case of an active shooter: Run. Hide. Fight. University of Richmond Police recommend watching this video illustrating the value and effectiveness of this response to an active shooter on campus.

All campus emergency alerts are posted to alert.richmond.edu and sent by email to your Richmond account. Log in to BannerWeb to opt into emergency communication by phone and text to ensure speedy receipt of emergency communications.


Faculty meetings are held early in the spring and fall semesters. SPCS Night and Commencement are held early in May.

You may wish to become a Safe Zone Ally to support LGBTQ members of the Richmond community.

If you are interested in additional employment opportunities at Richmond, visit SPCS job postings or the HR online jobs site.

Free and discounted professional development opportunities are available for all faculty; review the list on the Adjunct Resources page.

Faculty & Staff Accomplishments

Andrew Schoeneman
Schoeneman Presents VAIS Keynote

Andrew Schoeneman, associate professor and chair of nonprofit studies, gave the keynote address, titled Strengthening Communities, Building Movements & Facilitating Change: Independent Schools as Civil Society Organizations, at the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) Advancement Institute in Staunton.

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Lisa L. Micou
Micou Publishes Essay on K-12 Student Well-Being

Lisa Micou, SPCS adjunct associate professor of education, published an essay titled “Using Universal Screening to Improve Student Well-Being” in eSchool News, advocating an approach to well-being using a dual model resilience and risk framework that promotes early identification and prevention of risk factors.

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Ma'asehyahu Isra-Ul
Isra-Ul Leads Black Judaic Heritage Center Event

Ma’asehyahu Isra-Ul, SPCS adjunct assistant professor of education and founder of the Black Judaic Heritage Center, gives a talk titled Through The Spectacles of Ethiopia: Garveyism, Black Judaism and the Virginia Commonwealth at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture.

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Tom J. Shields
Shields Co-Authors A&S Next Case Study

Tom Shields, associate dean and chair of graduate education, with Emmy Ready, visiting lecturer of Latin American, Latino & Iberian studies, co-authored an A&S Next case study titled “Multilingual Student Success in Public Schools” examining issues of Latinx students’ graduation and retention rates in Richmond Public Schools. Alums Lyons Sanchezconcha, GC’23, Victoria Case Gochez, GC’22, and Jonathan Zur, ’03, collaborated on the project.

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Adjunct Faculty Meeting - Spring 2024
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0018
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0010
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony: Tom Shields during grape dialogue (IYKYK).
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0020
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0013
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
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    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0023
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0024
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0034
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0025
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0026
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0040
    Spring 2024 SPCS Faculty Meeting & Awards Ceremony
  • DSC_0042
    SPCS 5-year service award recipients, L to R: Laura Poe (on screen), Bob Spires, Daryl Jackson, Dana Jackson, Ryan Conway & Debbie Arco with Dean Wilson.
  • DSC_0043
    SPCS 10-year service award recipient Linda Kachurek with Dean Wilson.
  • DSC_0044
    SPCS adjunct faculty promotions: Dean Wilson with Bruce McKechnie, Karen Richardson & Lyle Evans.
  • DSC_0045
    SPCS Innovations in Teaching award recipient Daniel Hocutt with Dean Wilson.