STEPS to Success: College Entry Preparation

We’ve shifted our test preparation programs to remote access in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Please direct questions about test preparation programs to Mary Catherine Raymond at

September 16, 2020
Meeting Students Where They Are - Virtually

In a partnership with the Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired, SPCS provided visually impaired students with a modified STEPS to Success college preparation program over the summer.

S.T.E.P.S. to Success (Strategies & Techniques for Enhancing Performance & Skills) introduces important skills, techniques and strategies to maximize success in getting ready for college and career, including test preparation, selecting college and career paths, and preparing college application. Our programs, designed for secondary students, provide guidance and direction in the complex process of college and career selection and preparation.

While high school students may take our programs in any order, we recommend the following framework for engaging in our programs:

  1. Prepare yourself for college entry tests starting with the PSAT in our Test Preparation classes
  2. Begin to specify career pathways and narrow college options with College and Career classes
  3. Boost standardized test scores with additional Test Preparation classes as needed
  4. Collect and hone materials for college applications with our Preparing College Applications class


Register online for these and other College and Career Preparation classes.

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  • College Entry Test Preparation

    Work with highly experienced educators on intense practice and review of questions commonly found on college prep tests. Classes are held remotely during the pandemic response, otherwise they’re held on the University of Richmond campus.

    Our test focus, delivery format and course timeframes evolve in response to students’s needs. Not all classes are offered each term.

    • ACT Prep Workshops — Intensive practice and review of subject-specific test areas
    • PSAT/NMSQT Prep Class — Prepare for the PSAT and improve chances of National Merit Scholarship eligibility
    • SAT Summer Workshop — Four-day intensive workshop covering strategies along with Math and English skills
    • SAT Weekend Workshops — Two-day Math and English session
    • SAT Math Focus Sessions — Intensive practice and review of math areas
    • SAT English Focus Sessions — Intensive practice and review of critical reading and writing areas
  • Discovering Your College & Career Paths

    Work with a college and career advisor to help determine the right post-secondary pathway for high school students. Not all classes are offered each term.

    • Choosing a Career Path — Session utilizes results from the Strong Interest Inventory® to help identify occupation(s) and college major(s)
    • Choosing a College — Session on how to identify colleges that align with career and other important interests
  • Preparing Your College Application Materials

    New for Summer 2021

    Work with our experienced SAT Prep English instructor to develop and hone your college application materials. Since the best time to begin your college application is early, this course is designed for rising high school seniors to help you get a head start on brainstorming, revising, and crafting three important items that can help you stand out in a college application.

    • Your personal statement — An authentic personal essay to be used for common applications
    • Your supplemental essays — Unique responses to school-specific application questions and scholarship applications
    • Your high school résumé — A record of your classes, service and activities to be referenced when completing applications