2022 Osher Fundraising Update

Osher fundraising is off to a great start in 2022. After UR Here, Osher has raised $13,735 towards its calendar year fundraising dollar goal of $30,000. We have also set a 25% of membership participation goal, our highest participation goal yet.

Osher has concentrated on fundraising the past six years under the support and guidance of the Osher Foundation. The Foundation encourages a culture of giving to ensure lifelong learning opportunities and programming can remain vibrant and strong, even when times are economically difficult. Dollars raised in 2022 will be used to offset costs associated with quality speakers from outside the Richmond area, strengthen financial reserves and support other programming costs.

We are grateful for every donor and every dollar donated. Please know when you give to Osher, your gifts strengthen our lifelong learning community and makes an impact in lives of our members!

There are many strategies for maximizing your charitable impact, including corporate matches, gifts of appreciated non-cash assets, and qualified charitable distribution gifts. If you’d like to explore these further, please reach out to Amy Edwards at aedwards@richmond.edu

Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you to the following donors who contributed to Osher’s fundraising efforts for the calendar year 2022. Multiple year donors are noted by an asterisk (*).

  • Judy Archambault
  • Peter Bailey*
  • Kathy and Steven Barley*
  • William Bateman*
  • Ruth Blevins*
  • Linda Borland*
  • Carol Boysen*
  • Sonya Brockstein
  • Kathleen Brown
  • Pat and Dewey Brown*
  • Jeff Brownstein*
  • Joan and Ed Bruno*
  • Frona and Allan Buffenstein*
  • Donna Callery*
  • Christine and Jim Campbell*
  • Lou Cei*
  • Betsy and West Cobb*
  • Tom Cox*
  • Tanya Parker Dolphin*
  • David Dorfman*
  • Marlene and Richard Ebert*
  • Fran and Steve Ecker*
  • Amy and Jeff Edwards*
  • Catherine Englishman*
  • Elsa and Marshall Ervine*
  • Pam Farnham*
  • Cheryl Genovese*
  • Emily Goodykoontz*
  • Bill Hafker*
  • Rob and Lisa Hafker*
  • Mary Hansen*
  • Carol Valentine and Robert Heilman*
  • Becky and Tommy Hudson*
  • Anne and Charlie Huffstetler*
  • Cathy Ireland*
  • Kitty Johnson*
  • Janice Jones*
  • Barbara and Harry Kaplowitz*
  • Jeff Keil*
  • Kathy Kelley*
  • Karen Keser*
  • Jessica Kyles*
  • Nancy and Norman Ledgerwood*
  • Barbara Lockard*
  • Prakash Lothe
  • Debbie and John Mahone*
  • Sandi Markham*
  • Connie Harvey and Jim McNeil*
  • David Messenger*
  • Al Meyer*
  • Celeste and Don Miller*
  • Claudia Mills*
  • Janet and Donald Murray*
  • Bonnie and Jim Narduzzi*
  • Ann and Robert Oakes*
  • Mary Pasco*
  • Tony and Ginger Pelling*
  • Robert D. Perrow*
  • Ray Pettway*
  • Martha and George Pittaway*
  • Chaya and Alan Pollack*
  • Ginny and Riker Purcell*
  • Carol Rauschberg*
  • John Roberts*
  • Sonnie Rosemond*
  • Anita Schneider
  • Ruth and Mike Schoenhaut*
  • Jane and Maurice Schwarz*
  • Tony Scrimizzi*
  • George Siecko*
  • Peter Sizemore*
  • Nell and Chris Smith*
  • Laura Soles*
  • Gregory Tait*
  • Catherine and Derek Taylor*
  • Ed Villanueva*
  • Joan and Geoff Viol*
  • Alice and Chris Waagen*
  • Carol Wampler*
  • Sherrye Ward*
  • Peggy and Bruce Watson*
  • Anne and Bill Wescott*
  • Robb Wieczorek*
  • Amelia Wolfe*
  • Felicia Woodruff*

Gifts in Honor

Our thanks for gifts made in honor of the following individuals:

  • Barbara and Harry Kaplowitz

Gifts in Memory

Our thanks for gifts made in memory of the following individuals:

  • Sherry Flournoy
  • J. Rodney Johnson
  • Bill Rauschberg
  • Will Rogers

Corporate Contributions

Thanks also to corporate contributor Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation.

Note: While the University of Richmond Osher Lifelong Learning Institute has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing, we would appreciate you notifying Osher of any errors or omissions by contacting Amy Edwards, Stewardship Assistant.