Non-Degree Seeking Application

Undergraduate and graduate classes without prerequisites may be taken for enrichment and career advancement. Classes might address a specific competence, provide specialized knowledge or teach a software application that, when learned, will advance your career or prepare you for a promotion or new position.

Enrolling as a non-degree seeking (NDS) student is easy, and there is no application fee.

NDS Application Process

  1. Complete the Non-Degree Seeking Application
  2. Receive your University ID by mail
  3. Activate your networking account
  4. Registrar for the class in BannerWeb
  5. Attend class as scheduled in BannerWeb

As a NDS student, you are accepted under the SPCS Catalog of record and held to the policies and guidelines of the Honor Code, the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, and the University of Richmond.

There are limits and requirements for admission as a non-degree seeking (NDS) student, especially to graduate study, which are detailed below.

Note for Professional Educators

Applicants working in an educational setting and seeking coursework for professional development should visit the Professional Development for Educators page to apply.

Non-degree Seeking Admissions

Admission as a Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) Student


Applicants who do not meet priority application deadlines for a given term may be able to enroll as a non-degree seeking student, depending on the completeness of the applicant's admissions file.


Students may earn 12 semester hours at the undergraduate level within the school as NDS or Unclassified students, after which they will be encouraged to declare a major or explore options with a student advisor.

Those enrolled as NDS students may take no more that nine (9) undergraduate semester hours during a single term.


Students who wish to pursue non-degree graduate coursework in the School may enroll in a maximum of nine (9) semester hours of study at the graduate level provided the following conditions are met:

  • Students must submit a completed Non-degree Seeking Application.
  • Students must provide an official transcript from the regionally accredited college/university that conferred their baccalaureate degree, prior to registering for any graduate course.
  • Students must meet all prerequisite requirements of the course/courses in which they wish to enroll.
  • Students must obtain written approval from the program chair of the program in which enrollment is desired.
  • Students understand that credits obtained as a non-degree seeking graduate student may or may not apply at a later time to a graduate degree program in the School.

The program chair may elect under special circumstances to permit a student to take more than nine hours of graduate credit for transfer to another institution of higher education, provided the student can document evidence of admission to a graduate program of study at that institution and acceptance of these credit hours toward the program. Additionally, the program chair reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy deemed appropriate to his/her program area.