Data Analytics

Prepare for a Career in Data Analytics

Modern organizations produce mountains of data. It’s up to a growing sector of data professionals to analyze it and draw meaningful conclusions to help inform decision-making across the organization. Data analysts use quantitative analysis to forecast and examine trends, solve problems, identify competitive advantages, and improve performance and profits. Analysts also visualize and communicate insights and trends with a variety of key stakeholders, including leadership.

Our program integrates quantitative competencies across the curriculum. The skills you will learn are highly transferable, and graduates can use their knowledge to bring value to a wide spectrum of industries. As an added value, you’ll have the option to earn digital badges throughout the program, boosting your résumé before you even graduate.

Bachelor's Degree Our bachelor’s degree major in Data Analytics provides the skills needed to be information technology specialists and data-driven decision makers. Major in Data Analytics
Undergraduate Certificate Our Data Analytics certificate provides a credential for professionals entering the data analytics field or seeking to advance their careers. Online with select courses available on campus. Certificate of Applied Studies

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