Communication & Writing

Clear and effective communication is paramount in both personal and professional realms. The mastery of communication and writing serves as a cornerstone for anyone wishing to convey ideas, engage audiences, and foster understanding with precision and flair.

Our classes address the foundational aspects of communication, teaching students how to articulate thoughts with clarity and coherence. Courses in technical writing ensure that even the most complex of topics can be presented with ease and understanding.

Beyond the practicalities, our Communications & Writing programs are deeply rooted in the principles of a liberal arts education. This integration equips learners with technical skills while emphasizing values such as care, excellence, and innovation, ensuring a well-rounded approach to the art of communication.

Registration Options

All registration options require free online account creation prior to purchase. Tuition remission (TR) applies to eligible UR employees only. Alumni discount applies to UR degree programs graduates only.

  • ed2go: Register & pay via our partner ed2go following ed2go refund & cancellation policies. TR may be applied by completing the TR form. Alumni discount does not apply.
  • Enrole: Register & pay via our registration portal following UR refund & cancellation policies. TR may be applied online. Alumni discount may apply.
  • Application: Complete application requirements as directed. May require submitting additional materials. TR may be available upon request. Alumni discount may apply.