Career Paths in Information Systems

The need to manage, support, and protect massive amounts of information has made the ever-changing information technology field one of the fastest-growing employment categories. Earning your bachelor’s degree in IT Management or Information Security, or your certificate in Information Systems or Information Security, can help prepare for a variety of careers or advancement in several IT job sectors.

Computer and information science

Careers in this sector include programmer/analyst, working with programming languages (such as Java, C#, Objective-C, or C++), the UNIX operating system, or Oracle databases.

Computer networks and security

Prepare for technical certification as a network administrator, network manager, system administrator, or network security analyst. Prepare to work in a technical or technology management role for a business, corporation, government agency, or nonprofit organization.

Computer science

Careers in this sector include computer scientist, software engineer, systems analyst, programmer analyst, or game developer. Prepare to work as an independent consultant for new programming languages or specialized areas of application.

Information Security

Careers in this sector include information systems security professional, senior systems manager, or system administrator responsible for information systems and security of those systems. Review Careers in Information Security for more details.

IT Management

Careers in this sector include systems analyst, information systems manager, or database administrator. Work in a managerial or supervisory role in the integration of information systems in a business environment as a project manager, providing advice and direction.