Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

As we’ve rolled out the online registration system, we’ve collected questions customers may have about the online registration system and the process of account creation and registering for classes.

Please review the questions and answers below, and contact the SPCS office office if you have additional suggestions or comments about this list of questions and answers.

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  • How do I access the online registration system?

    Visit the Think Again Schedule page for the link to the online registration system. Note that classes will not be listed until the opening of registration each semester.

  • Why are you changing your online registration system?

    We’re seeking the most cost-effective and responsive provider available to handle the important task of online registration. That search has led us to Entrinsik, which has offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, and provides quick, responsive, and effective service.

  • When does registration open?

    Registration for spring 2018 classes opens at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 5. Future registration dates will be announced via email messages and online.

  • How do I remove a course from my shopping cart?

    Use the red X in a circle to the right of the course title to remove the class from your shopping cart. See the image below.

    When you add a course to your shopping cart, you’ll see your name in a gray box as an attendee attached to the class. It’s important that your name remains attached to the class; removing yourself as an attendee will NOT remove the course from the shopping cart, and it WILL result in the shopping cart stalling. Use the red X in a circle to remove the course from your cart so you can continue the checkout process.

    shopping cart screen shot

  • I won’t be able to attend a class. How do I cancel my registration(s)?

    We appreciate as much advance notice as possible when you discover you won’t be able to attend a class, especially classes with a wait list. However, you can’t cancel your registration in the online system.

    To cancel your registration in a class, please contact the registrar or program manager as soon as possible by completing our Withdrawal/Cancellation Request form and contacing the program manager at (804) 289-8133. Please have the course title(s) and session ID(s) available, if possible, to speed processing.

    If the cancellation involves a refund, it will be processed by SPCS staff members and credited to the method of payment (check or credit card).

    Please note our Cancellation and Withdrawal policy before proceeding.

  • Will I still get a print brochure?

    We will continue to print our Think Again brochure each semester and distribute it as always. You’ll be able to view the brochure on or before the day that online registration opens. We will post the brochure as a static PDF and browsable “magazine” as usual. You’ll receive the brochure by mail a few days or so following the opening of registration.

  • Is the online registration system secure?

    The system has successfully passed multiple security audits required by the University of Richmond. Credit cards payments are processed using a third-party provider, Nelnet, using its Commerce Manager application. Your credit card information is not stored in the registration system (Entrinsik) nor by the third-party processor (Nelnet). Furthermore, the system adheres to the University’s Privacy Policy.

    No system is completely un-hackable. However, we will work with our campus IT staff, along with Entrinsik and Nelnet personnel, to ensure the most secure purchasing experience possible.

  • How can I get help setting up my online account?

    You can always call or stop by the SPCS office. We’ll have computers available, along with help sheets and personal attention, to support you in your efforts to set up your account and register online.

  • Can Osher members register for Think Again classes?

    Yes, and Osher members are encouraged to review Think Again noncredit classes! Osher members and Think Again registrants access classes through separate online shopping portals, so you’ll need to log in to each separately.

    To access the Think Again catalog and registration portal, visit and follow the link to the registration system. Use Osher login credential to log into the Think Again registration system. The browsing experience should be very familiar.

    Osher membership benefits do not apply to Think Again classes; all Osher members will be required to pay the full registration fee for each Think Again class.

  • Can I just register using the paper registration form?

    You can still use a paper registration form, but paper registrations will likely be processed after online registrations on any given day. You will be better served, and more likely to get into the classes you want, by registering online.

  • Can I register my spouse and/or dependent with my account?

    You’ll be able to Add Attendees when registering. Those attendees can be your spouse or underage dependents.

    UR faculty and staff will see all eligible dependents and partners in their shopping cart account.

  • Why do UR faculty and staff members need to provide their UR ID when creating an online account?

    Your UR tuition remission benefits, administered by Human Resources, are tied to your UR ID. By creating an account with your UR ID, UR faculty and staff (and their partners and dependents) are ensuring your current benefits are tied to your online shopping cart account. If you don’t tie your benefits to your online shopping cart account, you will not be able to use tuition remission for class registrations.

  • How do UR faculty and staff members apply HR tuition remission benefits to registrations?
    1. The first step is to visit the online registration system and create your account with your 8-digit UR ID, then log in.
    2. Once logged in, each eligible family member or partner will show benefit balance in addition to a promo code to be applied to the registration.
    3. You must enter the promo code to apply the benefit to your registration. Failure to do so will result in being charged the full amount for registration.

    Contact the main SPCS office for assistance with applying tuition remission benefits to a registration.