Areas of Study

These areas of study represent focal points where the values of a liberal arts education express themselves in professional education coursework and program Our focus in developing our professional education programs is to align traditional educational training in the liberal arts — including critical thinking, entrepreneurial leadership, problem solving and communication — with the professional skills of the workplace.

Professional Centers & Institutes

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Center for Leadership in Education (CLE) Leadership training & research for local K-12 school leaders. Includes Next Generation Leadership Academy (NGLA) & Teacher LEAD. Learn More
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Institute on Philanthropy (IOP) Training workshops & institutes for nonprofit staffs and leaders. Includes nonprofit-targeted programming in fundraising, grantwriting and marketing communication. Learn More
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Partners in the Arts (POI) Integrated learning & teaching training for K-12 educators. Includes the Joan Oates Institute (JOI) for Partners in the Arts and the JOIFIL framework. Learn More