Educator Workshops & Resources

Partners in the Arts supports administrators and educators working to connect curriculum to students’ communities. With three decades of experience in developing and teaching integrated instruction, we offer professional development that’s timely and relevant. We’re currently offering the workshops listed below to Richmond educators and the community. 

Upcoming events require registration and are available for a limited time. Free online workshops are available on-demand and require a simple sign up. Once you register, you’ll receive the materials via confirmation email. Those materials are yours to keep, use and share.

Free Online Workshops

Person painting a mural on the side of a building
Mending Walls in K-12: Teaching Empathy & Collaboration Supported by VPM, this workshop for educators provides tools to facilitate how we connect as people and how we connect as creative artists. On-demand workshop includes a custom StoryMap, workshop videos and a participant’s guide with prompts and activities to use in the classroom. Register for Mending Walls
Person painting a mural on the side of a building
Observing with Your Sketchbook Connect to your community with artist Aijung Kim. Sharpen your observational and journaling skills and gain new perspectives by combining visuals and text through drawing and writing. On-demand workshop includes standards alignment, video tutorials, how-to handouts and prompts for exploring your community with students. Register for Observing Workshop
Person painting a mural on the side of a building
Illustration & Bookmaking Learn basic drawing and book design skills to encourage observation, curiosity and deeper understanding of content. Illustration invites student choice, interpretation and creative expression. On-demand workshop with artist Aijung Kim includes standards alignment, handouts, video tutorials, and activities for a variety of grade levels. Register for Illustration Workshop