Master of Teaching

Pursue your passion for teaching and the ability to impact and shape young minds as a classroom teacher with our Master of Teaching (MT) degree. Our MT is an initial teacher licensure preparation program that leads to earning a teaching license from the Virginia Department of Education as well as a graduate degree in teaching. The program is designed for students who hold a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than education but want to learn the skills to become an effective classroom teacher. 

The University of Richmond and the School of Professional & Continuing Studies have been preparing career switchers to enter the teaching profession for decades. Central Virginia school divisions recognize the quality of teachers who complete our licensure and professional programs. Students often receive job offers before completing their teaching internships. Countless graduates have been named school- and division-level teachers of the year and first-year teachers of the year.

Face-to-face, classroom-based learning experiences are valued in the program, although some classes may be offered online or as in-class/online hybrid experiences.

Program Details

  • Required

    MT Program of Study

    Total: 38-44 semester hours

    Professional Studies — All

    9 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses.

    • EDUC 517U Foundations of Education
    • EDUC 518U Diverse Learners and Human Growth and Development
    • EDUC 558U Classroom and Behavior Management

    Professional Studies — Elementary

    18 semester hours. Elementary education candidates only.

    • EDUC 507U Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Science
    • EDUC 508U Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Social Studies
    • EDUC 510U Concepts and Methods in Elementary Math
    • EDUC 511U Assessment and Differentiation in Elementary Math
    • EDUC 524U Reading Foundations
    • EDUC 526U Assessment, Intervention and Literacy Strategies

    Professional Studies — Secondary & Comprehensive

    18 semester hours. Secondary & comprehensive education candidates only.

    • EDUC 538U Technology-enhanced 21st Century Teaching and Learning
    • EDUC 542U Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary and Comprehensive Classrooms
    • EDUC 543U Assessment and Evaluation in Education
    • EDUC 547U Advanced Secondary and Comprehensive Methods*
    • EDUC 550U Content Area Literacy
    • EDUC 560U Assessment, Intervention, and Literacy Strategies for Adolescents

    * Comprehensive foreign language candidates substitute EDUC 553U Foreign Language Methods for EDUC 547U.


    3 semester hours from department-approved list. All candidates must take one elective graduate course, which may include initial coursework to meet add-on endorsement requirements in Gifted Education, Special Education or ESL.

    Clinical Experience

    8-14 semester hours

    All Candidates

    • EDUC 584U Pre-Internship Workshop Series (0.25 sem. hrs.)
    • EDUC 585U Capstone Seminar (1.75 sem. hrs.)

    Most Candidates: Traditional Pathway

    • EDUC 575U Teaching Internship (12 sem. hrs.)

    Provisionally Licensed Teachers: Employed Teacher Pathway

    • EDUC 583U Contracted Teacher Internship (6 sem. hrs. generally completed over 2 semesters)

    STEP Program Participants: STEP Residency Pathway

    • EDUC 583U Contracted Teaching Internship (6 sem. hrs. over 2 semesters)
  • Initial Endorsement

    Teaching Endorsement Areas

    Initial Endorsement Areas

    Students in the MT program must select an initial endorsement area. Students may also complete coursework related to ESL, gifted education and special education toward an add-on endorsement. Consult with your academic advisor to develop a personalized plan of study.

    Elementary Education (PreK-6)

    Requires a qualifying bachelor’s degree major.

    Secondary Content Areas (6-12)

    Requires qualifying bachelor’s degree major:

    • English
    • History & Social Sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

    Comprehensive Content Areas (PreK-12)

    Requires qualifying bachelor’s degree major:

    • Foreign Language: French, German, Latin, Spanish
    • Theater Arts
    • Visual Arts
  • Additional Endorsements

    Add-on Endorsements

    Students in the Master of Teaching and M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction programs may complete coursework related to ESL, gifted education and special education toward an add-on endorsement. Consult with your academic advisor to develop a personalized plan of study, and discuss the additional Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) requirements for an add-on endorsement.

    Gifted Education

    12 semester hours

    • EDUC 555U Curriculum for Talented and Gifted Education
    • EDUC 562U Special Populations of Gifted Students
    • EDUC 563U Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted Student
    • EDUC 570U Foundations of Gifted Education

    Special Education, General Curriculum

    9-15 semester hours

    • EDUC 511U Assessment and Differentiation in Elementary Math (secondary)
    • EDUC 560U Assessment, Intervention and Literacy Strategies for Adolescents (secondary)
    • EDUC 565U Foundations and Legal Aspects of Special Education (elementary & secondary)
    • EDUC 568U Successful Transitions in Special Education (secondary)
    • EDUC 571U Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education (elementary)
    • EDUC 574U Understanding and Implementing the IEP (elementary & secondary)

    English as a Second Language

    3 semester hours

    • EDUC 519U Working with English Learners
  • MT Admissions

    Admission to the Master of Teaching

    Student seeking admission to the Master of Teaching program must have the following:

    • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university (or international equivalent)
    • GPA of 2.7 or higher on all college or university academic work attempted
    • 2 official digital transcripts from all colleges or universities attended, submitted as follows:
    • Passing scores on the Virginia Communication & Literacy Assessment (VCLA, see details below)
    • Brief explanation of why you want to become a teacher along with a current résumé submitted to the School
    • 2 professional references (MT Applicant Rating Forms)
    • Successful admissions interview with the program director or designee

    Testing Requirements for Admission

    Passing scores on the VCLA must be submitted directly to the School’s Education program, to the attention of Kris Waikart ( She is also available for registration support.

    Test Score Requirements

    • Reading subtest (code 091) passing score: 235
    • Writing subtest (code 092) passing score: 235
    • Combined test passing score: 470

    Candidates who have passed previous testing requirements for admission should contact Kris Waikart.