Class Scheduling Matrix

We offer our most popular and in-demand professional development classes for educators on a regular schedule. We generally offer ad-hoc classes beyond this listing in response on school and division requests, so contact the professional education program manager, Dr. Julia Burke (, if you have a specific request.

Visit the list of current courses to see what’s currently scheduled and available for registration.

Note: Course scheduling is affected by a number of factors, including (during the coronavirus pandemic) health and safety considerations. As a result, some classes may not be offered as listed below.

Course Title Category or Specialization Semester* Offered
EDUC 503U Foundations of Arts Integration Integrated Teaching Summer
EDUC 507U Instruction & Assessment in Elementary Science Provisionally Licensed Fall, Spring
EDUC 517U Foundations of Education Provisionally Licensed Fall, Spring, Summer
EDUC 518U Diverse Learners and Human Growth and Development Provisionally Licensed Spring, Summer
EDUC 519U Working with English Learners ESL Spring
EDUC 524U Reading Foundations for Early Literacy Instruction Provisionally Licensed Fall, Summer
EDUC 538U Technology-Enhanced 21st Century Teaching and Learning Provisionally Licensed Fall, Summer
EDUC 542U Teaching and Learning in Secondary Classrooms Provisionally Licensed Fall, Spring
EDUC 543U Assessment and Evaluation in Education Provisionally Licensed Fall, Summer
EDUC 550U Content Area Literacy Provisionally Licensed Spring, Summer
EDUC 555U Curriculum for Talented and Gifted Education Gifted Education Fall
EDUC 558U Classroom and Behavior Management Provisionally Licensed Spring, Summer
EDUC 562U Special Populations of Gifted Students Gifted Education Spring
EDUC 563U Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted Student Gifted Education Summer
EDUC 565U Foundations and Legal Aspects of Special Education Special Education Spring
EDUC 570U Foundations of Gifted Education Gifted Education Summer
EDUC 571U Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education Special Education Fall
EDUC 573U Trauma Informed Practices in Schools Social Emotional Learning Spring
EDUC 574U Understanding and Implementing the IEP Special Education Summer
EDUC 579U Mindfulness Strategies for the Classroom Social Emotional Learning Fall
EDUC 581U Social Justice in Education Social Emotional Learning Summer
EDUC 5xxU** Coaching and Mentoring Instructional Coaching & Mentoring Summer
EDUC 5xxU** Adult Learning Theory Instructional Coaching & Mentoring Fall
EDUC 5xxU** Digital Video Development and Educational Applications Teaching with Technology Fall
EDUC 5xxU** Technology Integration Coaching Teaching with Technology Fall
EDUC 5xxU** Defining and Applying Digital Literacy in the Classroom Teaching with Technology Spring
EDUC 5xxU** Leveraging Technology for Assessment of Student Learning Teaching with Technology Spring
EDUC 5xxU** Mobile Devices for Teaching and Learning Teaching with Technology Summer
EDUC 5xxU** Differentiation Supported by Technology Teaching Online Summer
EDUC 650U Advanced Educational Psychology General Curriculum Fall
EDUC 651U Assessment and Accountability General Curriculum Spring
EDUC 652U Differentiated Instruction General Curriculum Summer
EDUC 660U Curriculum Development General Curriculum Spring

* Our summer semester is divided into brief 5-week and 6-week terms. As a result, it’s possible to take two classes in separate terms during the summer.

** Currently offered as selected topic (EDUC 598U) course; final course numbers will be assigned by Fall 2021.