Class Scheduling Matrix

We offer our most popular and in-demand professional development classes for educators on a regular schedule. We generally offer ad-hoc classes beyond this listing in response to school and division requests, so contact the professional education program manager, Dr. Julia Burke (, if you have a specific request.

Visit the list of current courses to see what’s currently scheduled and available for registration.

Note: Course scheduling is affected by a number of factors, including (during the coronavirus pandemic) health and safety considerations. As a result, some classes may not be offered as listed below.

Course Categories & Rotation

We offer courses in the following professional categories to meet the professional learning needs of Richmond’s teachers. Listings include the standard rotation in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Teachers may be able to pursue Virginia teaching endorsements with coursework in English Language & Literacy, Gifted Education and Special Education categories.

  • Adult Education

    Adult Learning & Coaching


    • EDUC 523U Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring – Offered Summer
    • EDUC 528U Adult Learning Theory – Offered Fall
    • EDUC 675U Reflective Teaching Experience – Offered Spring
  • Language & Literacy

    English Language & Literacy


    • EDUC 519U Working with English Learners* – Offered Spring
    • EDUC 619U Strategies for Teaching Writing – Offered Summer
    • EDUC 620U Advanced Children’s Literature – Offered Summer

    * EDUC 519U serves as test prep for taking the ESOL Praxis Exam, required to earn Virginia ESL endorsement.

  • General Curriculum

    General Curriculum


    • EDUC 650U Advanced Educational Psychology – Offered Fall
    • EDUC 651U Assessment and Accountability – Offered Spring
    • EDUC 652U Differentiated Instruction – Offered Summer
    • EDUC 660U Curriculum Development – Offered Spring
  • Gifted Education

    Gifted Education


    These courses prepare you to earn the Virginia Gifted Education endorsement.

    • EDUC 555U Curriculum for Talented and Gifted Education – Offered Fall
    • EDUC 562U Special Populations of Gifted Students – Offered Spring 
    • EDUC 563U Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted Student – Offered Summer*
    • EDUC 570U Foundations of Gifted Education – Offered Summer*

    * Summer classes are scheduled in early and late terms so both classes may be taken during the Summer.

  • Provisional License

    Provisionally Licensed Teachers


    Course Term(s) Level
    EDUC 517U Foundations of Education Fa,Sp,Su E,S
    EDUC 518U Diverse Learners & Human Growth and Development* Fa,Sp,Su E,S
    EDUC 524U Reading Foundations for Early Literacy Instruction* Fa,Su E
    EDUC 526U Assessment, Intervention & Literacy Strategies for Elementary Readers* Fa,Sp E
    EDUC 527U Content & Pedagogy for Elementary Mathematics Su E
    EDUC 542U Teaching & Learning in Secondary Classrooms Fa,Sp S
    EDUC 543U Assessment & Evaluation in Education Fa,Su S
    EDUC 550U Content Area Literacy* Sp,Su S
    EDUC 558U Classroom & Behavior Management* Fa,Sp,Su E,S


    • Term: Fa = Fall; Sp = Spring; Su = Summer
    • Level: E = Elementary; S = Secondary & Comprehensive
    • * Course requires field experience
  • Social Emotional Learning

    Social Emotional Learning


    • EDUC 573U Trauma Informed Practices in Schools – Offered Spring
    • EDUC 579U Mindfulness Strategies for the Classroom – Offered Fall
    • EDUC 581U Social Justice and Equity Education – Offered Summer
  • Special Education

    Special Education


    These courses can prepare you to earn the Virginia Special Education - General Curriculum endorsement.

    • EDUC 565U Foundations & Legal Aspects of Special Education [E,S] – Offered Fall
    • EDUC 568U Successful Transitions in Special Education [S] – Offered Spring
    • EDUC 571U Assessment & Evaluation in Special Education [E] – Offered Spring
    • EDUC 574U Understanding & Implementing the IEP [E,S] – Offered Summer

    Key: [S] = Secondary; [E] = Elementary

    Note: Secondary candidates must also complete EDUC 511U and EDUC 560U. Contact the Graduate Education program if interested.