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Alumni — whether you call yourself a graduate of a degree or academic certificate program from the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, the School of Continuing Studies, or University College — you are the pride and joy of the School.

We brag on you and your accomplishments whenever we have the opportunity to do so, and we expect excellence, achievement and engagement as you take your degree into your personal and professional worlds.

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Welcome from Dean Jamelle Wilson

What It Means To Be A Spider

As graduates of the University of Richmond, you are unique. No one else in the collegiate world can call themselves “Spiders.” There’s only one Spider, and you’re a part of that heritage and history.

Richmond Spiders are engaged in making the world a better place. We believe you’ll achieve that goal best when you’re engaged in university-wide ongoing efforts both in the greater Richmond region and around the world.

There are five components of engagement SPCS would like you to consider as a graduate of the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies. This is what it means to be a Spider: get in touch, enjoy your Spider benefits, get engaged, get involved and give back to alma mater.

Step 1 Forward your email & keep your alumni profile updated Stay Connected with SPCS
Step 2 Take advantage of the benefits that come with being a Richmond Spider. Enjoy Alumni Benefits
Step 3 Discover ways to engage with the SPCS community. Get Engaged with SPCS
Step 4 Explore ways to participate and lead at SPCS. Get Involved at SPCS
Step 5 Discover ways to give something back to SPCS. Give Back to SPCS

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SPCS Alumni Association

We welcome you to continue your engagment with your alma mater and encourage your active participation in the SPCS Alumni Association! The Alumni Association’s mission is to encourage alumni participation that benefits students and the University of Richmond by promoting scholarship and providing opportunities for service and fellowship. The Association is led by members of the Board of Directors, who support the School’s alumni and represent the University throughout the Richmond community.

If you’d like to get involved on the Board of Directors, read the position description and submit a nomination. Self nominations are welcome.

UR Alumni Association

As a graduate of the University of Richmond, you are also a member of the UR Alumni Association. SPCS degree-program graduates are eligible for all UR Alumni Association benefits and activities, and are eligible to join the Greater Richmond Spiders regional alumni group.

SPCS is a great program because it embeds practical instruction and skills that can tangibly be used by graduates in their professional field immediately after graduation. The program was comprehensive and provided support from day one of classroom instruction all the way through to preparation for my licensing examination and graduation.

Michael Jarvis, GC’14
M.Ed., Educational Leadership & Policy Studies