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Alumni — whether you call yourself a graduate of a degree or academic certificate program from the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, the School of Continuing Studies, or University College — you are the pride and joy of the School.

We brag on you and your accomplishments whenever we have the opportunity to do so, and we expect excellence, achievement and engagement as you take your degree into your personal and professional worlds.

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Welcome from Dean Jamelle Wilson

SPCS Alumni Association

We welcome you to continue your engagment with your alma mater and encourage your active participation in the SPCS Alumni Association! The Alumni Association’s mission is to encourage alumni participation that benefits students and the University of Richmond by promoting scholarship and providing opportunities for service and fellowship. The Association is led by members of the Board of Directors, who support the School’s alumni and represent the University throughout the Richmond community.

If you’d like to get involved on the Board of Directors, read the position description and submit a nomination. Self nominations are welcome.

UR Alumni Association

As a graduate of the University of Richmond, you are also a member of the UR Alumni Association. SPCS degree-program graduates are eligible for all UR Alumni Association benefits and activities, and are eligible to join the Greater Richmond Spiders regional alumni group.

Celebrate the Class of 2021!

What It Means To Be A Spider

As graduates of the University of Richmond, you are unique. No one else in the collegiate world can call themselves “Spiders.” There’s only one Spider, and you’re a part of that heritage and history.

Richmond Spiders are engaged in making the world a better place. We believe you’ll achieve that goal best when you’re engaged in university-wide ongoing efforts both in the greater Richmond region and around the world.

There are five components of engagement SPCS would like you to consider as a graduate of the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies. This is what it means to be a Spider: get in touch, enjoy your Spider benefits, get engaged, get involved and give back to alma mater.

  • Get in Touch

    1. Forward Your Richmond Email to an Active Account

    At Richmond, alumni are eligible to use their @richmond.edu email address for life. However, alumni must activate this benefit.

    1. Visit the Alumni SSO (Single Sign-On) Credential Service page: https://wwws.richmond.edu/alumni 
    2. Enter your SSO credentials (username and password).
      1. Your username could be your your UR NetID, UR ID or any valid email address on file with UR.
      2. Your password is the same password that you used as a student to access network resources.
    3. If you don’t have SSO credentials, try the SSO Credential Self-Service portal (link on the SSO Credential Service page)
    4. Once logged in, follow the prompts to activate your email for life.

    Once you’ve activated your Richmond email for life, be sure to forward messages to an active email account. You’ll be able to do so during the activation process. And if you change your active email address sometime later, don’t forget to update the forwarding address in the Alumni SSO Credential Service page.

    If you have questions, contact the alumni SSO support line at (866) 998-0010 or (804) 484-1477.

    Note: These instructions do not apply to active UR faculty and staff who have earned degrees through UR. Faculty and staff continue using their existing accounts.

    2. Update Your UROnline Directory Information

    One of most important actions you can take as a graduate is activating and updating your UROnline account. Until activated, you will not appear in the Alumni Directory as an SPCS graduate.

    • Activating your account enables you to stay connected to your classmates and the school, and to appear in the Alumni Directory.
      • Activating your profile and making it visible in the Alumni Directory enables you easily to connect and network with other SPCS graduates.
    • Updating your profile enables you to update contact information, add degrees earned, revise employment information, add family information (marriages, separations, and children) and more.
      • When updating your profile, you decide what appears and does not appear in the Alumni Directory. You can make as much or as little of your details visible to others.

    For your convenience, you can use existing login credentials from a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) or create a new account with an email address and password. Either account type will give you access to the Alumni Directory and enable you to update your profile.

    Please take a few minutes to ensure your account is up-to-date.

  • Enjoy Alumni Benefits

    Special Alumni Events

    The SPCS Alumni Association and the UR Alumni Association host a variety of special events each year. Events can be found by reviewing event calendars on the SPCS Alumni and UR Alumni pages.

    Sample events include:

    • Homecoming Weekend (the SPCS Alumni Association hosts a tailgate party prior to the Homecoming football game)
    • Reunion Weekend (SPCS alumni are invited to attend Reunion each year)
    • SPCS Alumni Socials (recently held at local brewery partners of the SPCS Brewing Education program)
    • Career-specific Networking Events (recent events include nonprofit studies and HR management industries)
    • Spider Career Expo (held annually, sponsored by UR Career Services)
    • Greater Richmond Spiders events (as a UR graduate in the Richmond region, you are a member of this group)
    • Regional Alumni Group events (if you live away from Richmond, you can participate in regional events)

    Career Services for Life

    SPCS graduates, as UR alumni, have access to comprehensive Career Services for life. Access job listings through SpiderConnect, consult with a professional career advisor and take advantage of online career resources.

    Join the UR Career Connections LinkedIn Group, an online professional networking tool that connects the University of Richmond community.

    Contact Career Services online or at (804) 289-8547.

    UR Alumni Association Benefits

    As a graduate of an SPCS degree program, you automatically join both the SPCS Alumni Association and the UR Alumni Association. In addition to specific benefits listed here, the UR Alumni Association provides benefits for all UR alumni.

    SPCS Tuition Discounts

    University of Richmond alumni who have earned an academic certificate, bachelor’s degree, post-bachelor’s certificate, graduate certificate, master’s degree or juris doctorate are eligible for the following alumni discounts:

    Spider Spirit Alumni Discount

    The Spider Spirit alumni discount offers University of Richmond alumni a 25% savings on tuition over the lifetime of a degree program when a member of the alumni enrolls in a degree or certificate program through the School of Professional & Continuing Studies. This 25% tuition discount is also applicable to individual courses taken for credit as a non-degree seeking student in SPCS. Review the Spider Spirit alumni discount page for details.

    Professional Education Courses

    25% discount on one course per semester as listed in the Think Again catalog, with the exception of certificate programs, travel programs, conferences, membership fees, and certain classes involving partnerships and application fees. Eligible programs include the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and the Institute on Philanthropy. Alumni who wish to utilize this discount must be registered by SPCS staff and should contact SPCS at (804) 287-6676 for further instructions.

    CompTIA Discount

    The University of Richmond is a CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner. Our partnership enables us to offer preferred academic pricing on CompTIA certification exams and CertMaster.

    To purchase a discounted exam voucher or CertMaster at the preferred academic pricing, visit the CompTIA Academic Marketplace at academic.compTIAstore.com and use your @richmond.edu email address to create an account (My Account > New Customers).

    Alumni who have not yet activated their @richmond.edu email address should visit the Alumni SSO Credential Service at https://wwws.richmond.edu/alumni to set up their email address.

    < class="subhead-hm"p>Updates from the Dean

    SPCS alumni receive monthly email updates from the Dean featuring stories about SPCS graduates, faculty, staff, and students, along with School updates and campus news and information. Since most SPCS alumni remain in the greater Richmond region, events and activities offered by SPCS are also highlighted in the update. To be sure you receive these updates, please activate or update your UROnline account and opt in to School messages.

    Public Campus Events

    If you graduated recently enough to receive SpiderBytes, you know there are events held on campus every day during the academic year. Many events are free and open to the public, offering alumni a perfect opportunity to reconnect on campus! The list below merely highlights several recurring events that may be of interest to SPCS alumni.

    • Jepson Leadership Forum: The University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies presents a series of programs each year where knowledgeable speakers explore leadership topics around a theme.
    • Robins Speaker Series: Speakers come here to share their captivating stories of the business world -- and everyone is invited.
    • Spider in the Kitchen: Spider in the Kitchen is a community exchange of recipes, entertaining, and cooking ideas shared amongst campus foodies.
    • Tucker-Boatwright Festival of Literature and the Arts: Presented each year by a different humanities department within the School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Get Engaged

    Networking Opportunities

    SPCS offers a variety of networking opportunities for SPCS alumni. Examples include:

    • All SPCS graduates are welcome to attend regularly scheduled SPCS Alumni Association meetings. Meeting schedules are listed on the Alumni events calendar.
    • Career-specific Networking Events (recent events include nonprofit studies and HR management industries)
    • RVA Career Expo: SPCS regularly participates in this event, which attracts SPCS alumni
    • Greater Richmond SHRM Strategic Leadership Conference: SPCS regularly sponsors this event, which attracts HR management graduates
    • RVAsec: SPCS regularly sponsors this event, which attracts IT management, information systems and information security graduates

    Special Events

    The SPCS Alumni Association and the UR Alumni Association host a variety of special events each year. Events can be found by reviewing event calendars on the SPCS Alumni and UR Alumni pages.

    Sample events include:

  • Get Involved

    Serve on the Alumni Association Board

    We invite engaged SPCS alumni to consider serving on the Board of Directors of the SPCS Alumni Association. Board members serve two-year terms and are eligible for leadership positions on the Executive Committee of the board.

    The SPCS Alumni Association supports the School and its students and alumni by adopting projects to provide scholarship assistance to SPCS students and to provide service and social opportunities for alumni. The purpose of the Board of Directors is to support and serve as an ambassador in the Richmond community for SPCS and the University of Richmond.

    Board members engage in fundraising efforts, planning activities and ambassadorship opportunities to fulfill the association’s mission.

    Serve on the Dean’s Ambassadors Circle

    Alumni and friends of the School who have demonstrated long-time support of the University and the School may be invited to join the Dean’s Ambassadors Circle (DAC).

    DAC is a leadership committee comprised of dedicated and accomplished SPCS alumni, faculty, friends of the school and Richmond area leaders who enthusiastically support the mission, goals and programs of the School.

    DAC members are willing to donate their time, talents and resources to advance relationships between the School and public/private organizations and individuals in the Richmond community.

    Drawing upon professional and leadership experiences, DAC provides external insight to the Dean and is dedicated to strengthening SPCS by promoting the mission and goals of the School, acting as ambassadors, raising the School’s profile in the community and strengthening community partners. DAC champions SPCS to continue excellence in continuing education and lifelong learning impacting the Richmond region.

    Volunteer in the School

    Opportunities to volunteer for special events and activities abound. Volunteers may assist with special events like Commencement, Homecoming, and Reunion Weekend, or may connect with prospective students at Information Sessions and New Student Orientation. Mentoring opportunities may be available as well.

    Complete our Get Involved online form if interested in getting involved as an alumni volunteer.

  • Give Back to SPCS

    Make a Gift to SPCS

    If you’d like to give a monetary gift to SPCS, visit our SPCS giving portal at uronline.net/spcs. Your gift of any amount contributes to the excellent work SPCS continues to do in the Richmond community, including supporting degree-seeking students with scholarship funds.

    • You may choose to give a one-time gift or a recurring gift, and you may specify particular funds or programs to support.
    • You may also choose to contribute to a planned gift, a stock gift, or some other type of contribution. Contact the Office of Donor Relations at donorrelations@richmond.edu or (804) 287-6815 for more information about opportunities. 

    And because you are a graduate of the University of Richmond, your gift represents valuable alumni engagement that contributes to the prestige of the university.

    Sponsor an Alumni Event

    If you would be interested in promoting your business among SPCS students, faculty, staff and alumni, consider sponsorship opportunities at upcoming alumni events. Sponsoring events is a great way to support SPCS scholarship fundraising efforts, and your sponsorship gives you an opportunity to promote your business or organization among fellow students and alumni.

    If you’re interested in an upcoming sponsorship opportunity, contact any member of the SPCS Alumni Association board for information.

Alumni Events

SPCS Alumni Benefit Summary

Alumni Benefits Summary
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