International Service Learning

Locations, costs and deadlines listed on this page have been updated for Summer 2023. COVID-19 pandemic responses and policies may affect these arrangements. Please revisit this page regularly for updates.

The University of Richmond is pleased to offer international service learning experiences during the summer months to traditional undergraduate students. International service learning opportunities take students beyond study abroad and engage them in community service at local non-profit organizations, municipal offices, schools, and clinics abroad.

Our international service learning programs are offered in partnership with ISA Service-Learning. ISA connects dedicated people looking to make a positive impact with over 20 diverse communities abroad, featuring partnerships with over 100 non-profit, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide that have identified needs and projects.

During students’ time abroad, ISA provides on-site staff and support to help students focus and reflect on service-learning experience. By offering step-by-step guidance as well as individual and group reflection exercises, ISA service-learning programs allow students to observe how change is being affected in communities across the globe and to grapple with the complexities of real-world issues.

UR Summer Fellowship Funding

These internships are eligible for UR Summer Fellowship funding through one of the internship programs. Summer Fellowship funding requires a separate application after notice of placement, but several elements from the internship application process may be used for the Summer Fellowship application as well. Be aware that funding amount is dependent on the number of hours worked during the service learning experience.

Internships that are both outside of the U.S. and outside of your home country are also eligible for Weinstein Summer Grant support for travel expenses. In order to be eligible, you must submit both a UR Summer Fellowship application to one of the five internship funding programs AND to the Weinstein Summer Grant program. Weinstein Grants are awarded on a merit basis.

Register Your Participation

In addition to completing the application for your service learning program, you will also need to register your participation with UR and pay the registration deposit. Deadline is February 15.

Be sure to follow all other payment deadlines as well.

Travel Notices and Advisories

University of Richmond summer abroad programs are covered by the same health and travel insurance policy in effect for UR semester abroad programs.

Review this traveling with medications advisory from the US Dept. of State OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council).

Refund Policy Notice

If a party other than the student will be paying for the International Service Learning program, be sure to discuss this commitment and our Refund Policy with the other party before signing agreements in Gateway Abroad.

International Service Learning Opportunities

Note: The following destinations are tentative and subject to change. Please return to this page often to watch for updates.

Destination 2023 Dates Fee 
Cape Town, South Africa May 17–July 15 TBA
Chile (Valparaíso & Viña del Mar) May 17–July 15 TBA
Cusco, Peru
May 19–July 23 TBA
Granada, Spain May 27–July 25 TBA
Lima, Peru May 19–July 17 TBA
Limerick, Ireland June 15–July 30 TBA
Meknes, Morocco May 20–July 18 TBA
Salamanca, Spain May 28–July 29 TBA
San José, Costa Rica May 17–July 15 TBA
Wellington, New Zealand May 24–July 22 TBA

All dates and costs are approximate and subject to change, as are program details. The University of Richmond reserves the right to alter the program costs as a result of fluctuations in international currency.