IT, GIS & Coding

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies offers classes and programs focused on broadly on information technology, including networks, computer technology, programming and digital information services.

Our classes and programs cover computer technologies, including hardware and software; cybersecurity and information security; and digital information services including coding and development. We also focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their use and implementation across multiple fields.

Our IT, GIS & Coding classes and programs seek to extend the values and resources of a liberal arts education into IT applications and management. web design and development and GIS applications.

The selections listed in the tabs below represent a portion of what we have to offer. Additional listings are available and include a wide range of classes.


In the tabs below, classes and programs include a registration link. For specific information on how to register for online classes, review the information in the Online Partner Registration page. Procedures differ slightly by partner, but may all be completed online.

Programming Levels

In our Professional Education & Enrichment areas of study, we seek to provide a selection of coursework and programs that meet different enrichment and workforce levels of study. Each is described below:

  • Career-curious and enrichment: Designed to explore a career or expand an interest
  • Career-level: Designed to build skills or shift to a new career
  • Professional-level: Designed to deepen or widen knowledge and experience
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  • Career-Curious & Enrichment Programs


    Introduction to Cybersecurity

    Online: This course teaches the fundamental concepts of information security one will encounter in the cybersecurity field. This course will set the groundwork with basic vocabulary and then introduces concepts such as access controls, risk management, cyber attacks, and digital forensics. Self-paced (three months access) with MindEdge.

    Introduction to Malware

    Online: This course provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to malware and how to defend against it. Instruction is divided into two modules. The first provides an overview of the history and mechanisms of malware. The second module offers a series of real-world scenarios in which the learner must apply several of the concepts covered in the first module. Self-paced (three months access) with MindEdge.

    Fundamentals of Application Security

    Online: This course covers various software development models and considerations and introduces learners to basic security concepts such as cryptography and the common vulnerabilities and exposures list. In this material, we will also introduce the basic concepts of cybersecurity, including cryptography, and illustrate how the many vulnerabilities found in applications today can trace their origin to some point in the development process. Self-paced (three months access) with MindEdge.

  • Career-Level Programs


    Coding Boot Camp

    Powered by edX: 24-week full stack UR Coding Boot Camp that prepares students to become web developers. This intensive program meets entirely online. UR Coding Boot Camp is a part-time program with convenient learning sessions tailored to the needs of working adults and full-time students. Instructional-team led (start dates vary).


    Certificate in Cybersecurity

    Online: Cybersecurity, also known as information security, is the protection of data and personally identifiable information from malicious attacks, theft, and destruction. As the amount of data being stored continues to increase, and as hackers become more sophisticated, the need for cybersecurity is greater than ever. Self-paced (one year access) through MindEdge.

    Cybersecurity Boot Camp

    Powered by edX: The School of Professional & Continuing Studies, in partnership with Trilogy Education Services, offers a 24-week Cybersecurity Boot Camp that takes a multidisciplinary approach to helping you attain proficiency in IT, networking and modern information security. This intensive program meets entirely online. UR Cybersecurity Boot Camp is a part-time program with convenient sessions tailored to the needs of working adults and part-time students. Instructional-team led (start dates vary).

    CompTIA Security+® Exam Prep Course

    Online: The CompTIA Security+ Exam Prep Course prepares test-takers for the Security+ exam, as administered by CompTIA. The CompTIA certification is recognized worldwide and adheres to the strict standards of ISO/IEC 17024 and is approved by the US Department of Defense to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements. The course contains a variety of content presentation methods to help teach the concepts and vocabulary, and ultimately, learners are given ample opportunity to assess their skills with a multiple choice practice exam. Self-paced (six months access) through MindEdge.

    A Manager’s Guide to Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity

    Online: This course provides an overview of cloud computing and the business and security considerations of transitioning to a cloud environment or from one cloud service provider to another. In addition to providing information that aligns with industry standard content from the Cloud Security Alliance, this course also includes a module that presents different real-world scenarios to learners, asking them to apply what they have learned to situations they might encounter in the workplace. Self-paced (three months access) through MindEdge.


    GIS Professional Certificate

    Online: The GIS Professional Certificate consists of two blocks of instruction — GIS Fundamentals and GIS Spatial Analysis & Statistics — split into special topics modules and two main deliverable projects. Graduates will leave the GIS Professional Certificate program with knowledge of the newest GIS software and best practices for utilizing it in your field. Instructional-team led (start dates in fall and spring).

    Information Technology

    Certificate in Emerging Technology for Managers

    Online through MindEdge: This Certificate in Emerging Technology for Managers addresses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Learners who have completed this suite of courses are knowledgeable in how each technology affects business processes and how each contributes to a discussion about the future of labor. Self-paced (nine months access).

    Certificate in Web Design

    Online through MindEdge: This suite of courses will teach the skills you’ll need to build a website of your own. Building a website involves a lot more than just writing code. Before you start on that, you need to understand what you want your website to do, how it will look, who you want it to reach and what message it should send. Self-paced (one year access).

  • Professional-Level Programs
    CISSP® Exam Prep Course

    Online: The CISSP® Exam Prep Course prepares test-takers for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam, as administered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2. Among other titles, obtaining the CISSP® certification prepares one for a position as a Security Analyst, Chief Information Security Officer, or as a Security Architect. Self-paced (six months access) through MindEdge.

Visualization of computer coding on monitor
Boot Camp Program In partnership with edX, we offer a 24-week online UR Coding Boot Camp that prepares you to become a full-stack web developer. This intensive part-time program is tailored to the needs of working professionals. Coding Boot Camp
Visualization of data flowing through a locked entry
Boot Camp Program In partnership with edX, we offer a 24-week online Cybersecurity Boot Camp that takes a multidisciplinary approach to helping you attain proficiency in IT, networking and modern information security. Cybersecurity Boot Camp
Person looking through a transparent monitor filled with map visualizations
Professional Certificate The online GIS Professional Certificate prepares graduates to sit for the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Entry certification. GIS Professional Certificate