Global Public Health

Paving a career path in the global public health sector can be daunting. Available positions for roles such as public health policy analysts and healthcare economists often require job applicants to have experience in the field. The Impact Academy Global Public Health program has been designed to provide participants with the theoretical knowledge, practical experience and contextual understanding sought by the majority of employers hiring global public health professionals. This program also equips participants with a solid understanding of key issues in the field of global public health, helps them to develop their understanding of best practices and gives participants the tools they need to adapt their approach based on contextual analysis.

An online-only program is also available. To find out more, visit the Impact Academy Online page.

Program Details

The Impact Academy Global Public Health program includes an online component and an optional fieldwork component, taking place in the location of the participant’s choice. The online component consists of eight courses that participants can complete in 2, 8 or 16 weeks, depending on the participant’s schedule. Afterward they can embark on an optional fieldwork component of two or four weeks.

Throughout the eight online courses, participants can expect to engage with a variety of frameworks, toolkits, video lectures and interviews.They also complete assessments. These are designed to equip participants with global public health knowledge and resources. During the online component, participants can connect with classmates online via forums and webinars. The optional fieldwork component features a lineup of immersive masterclasses, a number of site visits, various other fieldwork activities and one final project.

After graduating from this comprehensive program, participants enter the workforce equipped with a robust understanding of global public health best practice and context. This empowers them to assist in creating a genuinely positive, long-term impact in the communities or environments in which they’ll work.

Career opportunities and requirements in global public health are evolving rapidly. Impact Academy participants gain access to our jobs board, featuring thousands of vacancies in the global public health sector.

Who Is This Program For?

The Impact Academy Global Public Health program has been designed for students hoping to launch their career in global public health. This includes students who are pursuing, or have completed, tertiary level qualifications in public health, public policy, international development, medicine and related fields.

This program is also designed to meet the needs of “career switchers” — those hoping to move from their current career into a global public health career. Specifically, this course would be most relevant to individuals working in unrelated fields who would like to develop a better understanding of their work within the broader context of global public health and sustainable development.

Finally, the Impact Academy Global Public Health program serves to help those already working in sustainable development who are interested in advancing their careers.

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