Career-Focused Framework

SPCS has ramped up its online offerings to better, more immediately meet the needs of Richmond’s professionals. We know many in Richmond are facing uncertain employment futures, so we’re developing a career-focused framework to help you explore options, build skills, and develop professional competencies to support your employment needs.

When you visit our the Think Again page, you’ll see a new invitation to visit our Areas of Study pages. Within our Areas of Study, we’ve developed a career-focused framework to browse our course offerings and programs.

Career-Curious & Enrichment Programs are designed for exploring careers and, in some cases, hobbies. Here you can find classes to help you better understand a career and explore a career path, or to enrich your existing knowledge and experience.

Career-Level Programs are designed to build professional skills toward career advancement or career switching. Here you can find classes to help you build entry-level skills or retool existing skills for a new career path.

Professional-Level Programs are designed to provide advanced learning and development for senior leaders and executives. Here you can find programs that advance industry knowledge and build professional skills for management, leadership, and executive advancement.

We use this career-focused framework to build out coursework within these topic-based Areas of Study. While you’ll still be able to register for classes using the existing Think Again online registration system, you’ll also be able to register for a wide range of classes through our online partner registration portals.

Career-Focused Framework in Action

Management & Administration

To demonstrate our new career-focused framework for organizing courses and programs, take a look at our Management & Administration Area of Study.

On this page, you’ll see Programming Levels described followed by collapsed tabs that you can click to open. These reflect the career-focused framework.

Sample Career-Focused Framework Tabs

When you open each tab, you’ll see a list of classes and, on most pages, a subcategory within the Area of Study. For example, in the Career-Level Programs programming level in the Management & Administration Area of Study, you’ll see the Certificate in Leadership under the subcategory of Leadership with the format (Online) linked to the registration page, a course description and additional information about the program.

Each of our Area of Study pages follows this same career-focused framework for consistency and clarity.