Online Certificate in Information Security

Prepare yourself to secure critical data and infrastructure.

As IT security needs rapidly evolve, continuing education is essential to enhance your skills in protecting networks, systems, data and architecture. You need a learning experience that’s supported by cutting-edge theory and grounded in real-world application. The globally networked society demands continual, ongoing learning to protects its information and data flows. That’s why we offer an online certificate in Information Security.

Earn a certificate in Information Security in about a year.

The post-bachelor’s certificate can prepare recent college graduates to expand their skills to better prepare for entry-level information security jobs. The certificate can also help seasoned professionals prepare for a career change, and mid-career professionals to expand their skillsets and assume new cybersecurity roles and responsibilities.

The online certificate requires only seven classes. Three courses in LAN, IT security and risk management focus squarely on information security, while a number of related electives are available to fill in your skills gaps, align with your professional learning needs and support your career growth.

Become your organization’s go-to security specialist.

Our online Information Security certificate prepares students to be IT security specialists in private industry and government sectors. The certificate is an ideal add-on credential for current IT professionals to increase their data security experience and skills. Key competencies for a variety of CompTIA certifications are integrated into and taught across the curriculum.

  • Requirements

    Certificate in Information Security

    An earned bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in this certificate program. This certificate is offered online with options to complete select courses on campus.

    Total: 21 semester hours. Numbers after course titles represent semester hours earned.


    10 semester hours

    • ISYS 302U Local Area Networks (LAN), 4
    • ISYS 303U IT Security, 3
    • ISYS 491U IT Security Planning & Risk Management, 3


    11 semester hours selected from the courses listed. Only sections of ISYS 398U with a security focus will count toward the certificate.

    • ISYS 306U Systems Analysis and Design, 3
    • ISYS 308U Digital Forensics, 3
    • ISYS 311U Database Design/Business Intelligence, 4
    • ISYS 312U Predictive Analytics, 3
    • ISYS 314U Data Visualization, 3
    • ISYS 315U Big Data Analytics, 3
    • ISYS 316U Introduction to Business Analytics, 3
    • ISYS 317U Social Engineering, 3
    • ISYS 355U Computer Programming in Java, 4
    • ISYS 360U Electronic Commerce, 3
    • ISYS 365U Cloud Computing: Infrastructure and Services, 3
    • ISYS 370U Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing, 3
    • ISYS 375U IT Control and Audit, 3
    • ISYS 398U Selected Topics, 1-6
    • ISYS 399U Independent Study, 1-6
    • ISYS 450U Project Management, 3
    • ISYS 490U Managing IT, 3
    • ISYS 492U Consulting and Design of Online Systems, 3
    • LAW 325U CyberLaw, 3
    • MGMT 342U Managing Business Processes, 3
  • Admissions

    Admission to Undergraduate Certificate Programs

    Students seeking admission to the Certificate of Applied Studies (CAS) must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. The CAS is available in the following areas:

    • Data Analytics
    • Information Security
    • Information Systems
    • Paralegal Studies

    Admission requirements:

    • Completed undergraduate certificate application including the $35 application fee
    • Official transcripts from each university and college attended
    • TOEFL scores if the applicant’s native language is not English