Special Education

Special Education


Taking these courses may prepare you to earn the Virginia Special Education - General Curriculum endorsement.

  • EDUC 565U Foundations and Legal Aspects of Special Education – Offered Spring
  • EDUC 571U Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education – Offered Fall
  • EDUC 574U Understanding and Implementing the IEP – Offered Summer

We’re pleased to offer coursework related to special education for K-12 teachers. Successful completion of these classes can apply toward teaching endorsement. These classes help meet the requirements for the Virginia DOE teaching endorsement in Special Education — General Curriculum (K-12). They also help prepare you to successfully differentiate your curriculum and teach students with special needs to their greatest potential.

If you’re seeking the special education teaching endorsement, our coursework is only part of the endorsement requirement. You are welcome to work with our program manager to assist in determining any additional coursework or experience required to complete the endorsement. Our classes are offered on a standard rotation and can be completed in a year.

Once you’ve completed the three courses courses, follow VA DOE guidance on submitting the application. Review the section that starts with “Licensure Changes.” Our program manager can assist you in preparing your application, but you’ll be responsible for collecting the required documentation and submitting the licensure paperwork to the appropriate VA DOE office.

Available Classes

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  • EDUC 565U Foundations and Legal Aspects of Special Education