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SPCS students, faculty, staff and alumni regularly succeed inside and outside the classroom. Most of those  accomplishments never make local or national headlines. That doesn’t minimize those accomplishments.

We do our best to recognize media coverage, achievements and promotions and other good news on our main page, but the SPCS Newsroom seeks to provide a more nuanced presentation of SPCS accomplishments by population rather than by type or media.

SPCS Faculty & Staff Accomplishments

Bob Spires
Spires Interviewed on Teach & Tell Podcast

Bob Spires, associate professor of education, was the featured guest on episode 31 of the Teach & Tell podcast. Host Mike Raymer talks with Spires about encouraging students who “always wanted to be a teacher” and finding ways to promote the upside of being a teacher.

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Andrew Schoeneman
Schoeneman Presents VAIS Keynote

Andrew Schoeneman, associate professor and chair of nonprofit studies, gave the keynote address, titled Strengthening Communities, Building Movements & Facilitating Change: Independent Schools as Civil Society Organizations, at the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) Advancement Institute in Staunton.

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Lisa L. Micou
Micou Publishes Essay on K-12 Student Well-Being

Lisa Micou, SPCS adjunct associate professor of education, published an essay titled “Using Universal Screening to Improve Student Well-Being” in eSchool News, advocating an approach to well-being using a dual model resilience and risk framework that promotes early identification and prevention of risk factors.

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Ma'asehyahu Isra-Ul
Isra-Ul Leads Black Judaic Heritage Center Event

Ma’asehyahu Isra-Ul, SPCS adjunct assistant professor of education and founder of the Black Judaic Heritage Center, gives a talk titled Through The Spectacles of Ethiopia: Garveyism, Black Judaism and the Virginia Commonwealth at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture.

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