Master's Degrees

At SPCS, we offer five master’s degrees, which require 30-44 semester hours depending on the program and specialization. Up to 6 semester hours of approved transfer credit may be accepted into a master’s degree with approval of the program chair. 

  • Master of Education: We offer two specializations:
    • M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction (MEd-C&I)
    • M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (MEd-ELPS)
  • Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM)
  • Master of Liberal Arts (MLA)
  • Master of Nonprofit Studies (MNS)
  • Master of Teaching (MT)
  • Curriculum & Instruction

    M.Ed.-C&I General Curriculum

    Note: This General Curriculum is the default program of study. Specialized programs of study are available that combine general, elective and research courses.

    Total: 30 semester hours

    General Courses

    18 semester hours

    • EDUC 650U Advanced Educational Psychology
    • EDUC 651U Assessment and Accountability
    • EDUC 652U Differentiated Instruction
    • EDUC 660U Curriculum Development
    • EDUC 653U Issues, Ethics and Policy in Education
    • EDUC 661U Instructional Leadership

    Elective Courses

    6 semester hours from courses listed below. Additional electives may be offered, depending on students’ learning needs.

    • EDUC 528U Adult Learning Theory
    • EDUC 519U Working with English Learners
    • EDUC 523U Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring
    • EDUC 555U Curriculum for Talented and Gifted Education
    • EDUC 562U Special Populations of Gifted Students
    • EDUC 563U Social & Emotional Needs of the Gifted Student
    • EDUC 565U Foundations and Legal Aspects of Special Education
    • EDUC 570U Foundations of Gifted Education
    • EDUC 571U Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education
    • EDUC 568U Successful Transitions in Special Education
    • EDUC 573U Trauma Informed Practices in Schools
    • EDUC 574U Understanding and Implementing the IEP
    • EDUC 598U Selected Topics
    • EDUC 579U Mindfulness Strategies for the Classroom
    • EDUC 581U Social Justice & Equity in Education
    • EDUC 602U Data for Decision-Making
    • EDUC 603U Leading and Supervising Instruction
    • EDUC 619U Strategies for Teaching Writing
    • EDUC 620U Advanced Children’s Literature
    • EDUC 675U Reflective Teaching Experience

    Research Courses

    6 semester hours

    • EDUC 680U Content Specialization and Research I
    • EDUC 681U Content Specialization and Research II

    Capstone Experience

    Comprehensive Written Examination to be completed during the final semester.

  • Ed Leadership

    M.Ed.-ELPS Program of Study

    Total: 31 semester hours


    15 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses. Each course includes a 30-hour practicum.

    • EDUC 601U Foundations of Educational Leadership Studies
    • EDUC 602U Data for Decision-Making
    • EDUC 603U Leading and Supervising Instruction
    • EDUC 605U School Law and Policy for Ethical Leadership
    • EDUC 606U Organizational Operations in Human Resource and Fiscal Leadership

    Professional Studies

    9 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses. Each course includes a 10-hour practicum.

    • EDUC 630U School Technology
    • EDUC 632U Leading Change through an Equity Lens
    • EDUC 635U Strategic Improvement and Effective Communication in Schools

    Field Experience

    7 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses. Reflective Leadership Seminar residency includes 170 hours in practicum.

    • EDUC 610U Reflective Leadership Seminar I
    • EDUC 611U Reflective Leadership Seminar II

    Capstone Experience

    All candidates must complete a Capstone Assignment.

  • HR Mgmt

    MHRM Program of Study

    Total: 30 semester hours

    Core Courses

    18 semester hours

    • HRM 531U Human Resource Management
    • HRM 532U Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
    • HRM 533U Quantitative Analysis and Research in HRM
    • HRM 534U Strategic Human Resource Development
    • ECON 507U Labor Economics
    • PSYC 530U Organizational Psychology

    600-Level Courses

    12 semester hours. HRM 697U is required. Students may then choose 3 of the remaining 600-level courses to complete the requirement.

    • HRM 697U Strategy and Policy (required)
    • HRM 635U Managing Compensation and Benefits
    • HRM 638U HRM Leadership Theory and Application
    • HRM 639U Recruitment and Retention
    • HRM 644U Diversity in Organizations
    • HRM 645U Organization Development and Change
    • HRM 647U Human Resource Information Systems
    • HRM 650U Labor Relations
    • HRM 657U HRM in the Global Environment
    • HRM 659U Managing Human Capital Risk
    • HRM 696U Directed Research
  • Liberal Arts

    MLA Program of Study

    Total: 30 semester hours

    Required Core

    12 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses.

    • MLA 500U Research Methods
    • ENGL 502U Business and Professional Communication
    • MLA 506U Digital Humanities
    • MLA 599U Seminar in Liberal Arts

    Required Focus

    18 semester hours. All candidates must select additional graduate courses in consultation with the program coordinator.

  • Nonprofit Studies

    MNS Program of Study

    Total: 30 semester hours


    15 semester hours

    • NPS 501U Understanding the Nonprofit Sector
    • NPS 520U Financial Management and Budget Development
    • NPS 530U Law, Ethics and Governance
    • NPS 540U Resource Development and Promotion
    • NPS 550U Strategic Human Resource Management


    12 semester hours. Select 6 hours (2 classes) from each group below.

    Content Specialization

    6 semester hours. Topic for NPS 598U must relate to content specialization as determined by the program chair.

    • NPS 522U International Non-Governmental Organizations (iNGOs)
    • NPS 566U Public Policy and Advocacy
    • NPS 567U Sustainability and Nonprofit Organizations
    • NPS 571U Social Entrepreneurship
    • NPS 581U Community Engagement in the Nonprofit Sector
    • NPS 598U Selected Topics

    Systematic Design and Inquiry

    6 semester hours. Topic for NPS 598U must relate to systematic design and inquiry as determined by the program chair.

    • NPS 562U Assessment and Program Evaluation
    • NPS 570U Program Design and Proposal Writing
    • NPS 572U Innovations in Organizational Norms and Practice
    • NPS 598U Selected Topics
    • EDUC 680U Content Specialization and Research I

    Integrative Seminar

    3 semester hours

    • NPS 590U Integrative Seminar
  • Teaching

    MT Program of Study

    Total: 38-44 semester hours

    Professional Studies — All

    9 semester hours. All candidates must complete the following courses.

    • EDUC 517U Foundations of Education
    • EDUC 518U Diverse Learners and Human Growth and Development
    • EDUC 558U Classroom and Behavior Management

    Professional Studies — Elementary

    18 semester hours. Elementary education candidates only.

    • EDUC 507U Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Science
    • EDUC 508U Instruction and Assessment in Elementary Social Studies
    • EDUC 510U Concepts and Methods in Elementary Math
    • EDUC 511U Assessment and Differentiation in Elementary Math
    • EDUC 524U Reading Foundations
    • EDUC 526U Assessment, Intervention and Literacy Strategies

    Professional Studies — Secondary & Comprehensive

    18 semester hours. Secondary & comprehensive education candidates only.

    • EDUC 538U Technology-enhanced 21st Century Teaching and Learning
    • EDUC 542U Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary and Comprehensive Classrooms
    • EDUC 543U Assessment and Evaluation in Education
    • EDUC 547U Advanced Secondary and Comprehensive Methods*
    • EDUC 550U Content Area Literacy
    • EDUC 560U Assessment, Intervention, and Literacy Strategies for Adolescents

    * Comprehensive foreign language candidates substitute EDUC 553U Foreign Language Methods for EDUC 547U.


    3 semester hours from department-approved list. All candidates must take one elective graduate course, which may include initial coursework to meet add-on endorsement requirements in Gifted Education, Special Education or ESL.

    Clinical Experience

    8-14 semester hours

    All Candidates

    • EDUC 584U Pre-Internship Workshop Series (0.25 sem. hrs.)
    • EDUC 585U Capstone Seminar (1.75 sem. hrs.)

    Most Candidates: Traditional Pathway

    • EDUC 575U Teaching Internship (12 sem. hrs.)

    Provisionally Licensed Teachers: Employed Teacher Pathway

    • EDUC 583U Contracted Teacher Internship (6 sem. hrs. generally completed over 2 semesters)

    STEP Program Participants: STEP Residency Pathway

    • EDUC 583U Contracted Teaching Internship (6 sem. hrs. over 2 semesters)