Goal 2: Meet Richmond Community's Needs

Goal 2 iconAlign and leverage SPCS and University assets to develop programming that meets the needs of the Richmond community.

As a key University resource to support community engagement, SPCS is in a unique position to provide access to the campus for the greater Richmond community. Doing so helps support the University’s access and affordability initiatives and expands our ability to serve local, under-served student populations.

We maximize our effectiveness by exploring and enhancing cross-campus partnerships to best support the learning, co-curricular and extra curricular needs of our students


  1. Develop end to end, comprehensive programs to include degree programs and professional education offerings.
  2. Expand offerings in areas where SPCS can take the lead while leveraging the cooperation and expertise of other University of Richmond entities.
  3. Identify pathways for undergraduate degree completion for high school students with associate’s degrees.