2021 Osher Fundraising Update

The Osher Foundation has generously provided our Osher Institute with a Capacity-Building Grant to encourage long-term sustainability through fundraising and membership support. Now in our fifth year, we are thankful for this grant and for the generous support from our members. Even during the pandemic, your continued membership and financial support are special and deeply appreciated.

For 2021, our participation goal is 20% of membership supporting the Osher Institute with a gift, with a total monetary goal of $27,500. Funds raised during 2021 will be used to support special classes and events. Other funds will be held in reserve to support our long-term sustainability efforts.

If you are in a position to make a gift this year, please consider making a gift today. All gifts, of all amounts, made anytime during the year, during any campaign, are deeply appreciated and count towards our 2021 goals. Gifts can be mailed to the Osher office or made online. For questions, please feel free to email Amy Edwards at aedwards@richmond.edu.

Honor Roll of Donors to Date

Thank you to the following donors who have contributed to Osher’s fundraising efforts for the calendar year through June 8, 2021. Multiple year donors are noted by an asterisk (*).

  • Colleen and Steve Anders*
  • Sara and William Bateman*
  • Ruth Blevins*
  • Jim Boomer
  • Carol Boysen*
  • Pat and Dewey Brown*
  • Donna Callery*
  • Christine and Jim Campbell*
  • Bunny Caro-Justin*
  • Lou Cei*
  • Jeanne D'Ascoli*
  • Beth DeHaven*
  • Marlene and Richard Ebert*
  • Amy and Jeff Edwards*
  • Catherine Englishman*
  • Elsa and Marshall Ervine*
  • Cheryl Genovese
  • Emily Goodykoontz*
  • Bill Hafker
  • Rob and Lisa Hafker*
  • Deborah and Daniel Hocutt*
  • Anne and Charlie Huffstetler*
  • Janice Jones*
  • Barbara and Harry Kaplowitz*
  • Karen Keser
  • Joseph Kirkpatrick
  • Bob Knisely*
  • Sandra Markham*
  • Claudia Mills*
  • Priscilla and Floyd Myers*
  • Bonnie and Jim Narduzzi*
  • Ann and Robert Oakes*
  • Pam and George Pangburn*
  • Carol Rauschberg*
  • Sonnie Rosemond*
  • Carole Royall*
  • Peter Sizemore*
  • Nell and Chris Smith*
  • Laura and Bobby Soles*
  • Jennifer Stancil
  • Sherrye Ward
  • Peggy and Bruce Watson*
  • Anne and Bill Wescott*
  • Amelia Wolfe*

Thanks also to corporate contributor Dominion Foundation*.

Note: While the University of Richmond Osher Lifelong Learning Institute has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing, we would appreciate you notifying Osher of any errors or omissions by contacting Amy Edwards, Stewardship Assistant, at aedwards@richmond.edu or (804) 287-1946.