Osher Institute Classes

Registration for Summer 2024 classes will open on May 21. The updated print catalog is now available for viewing.

Registration Portal

Osher Institute classes are listed in our online registration portal. The Osher online registration portal is an Osher member’s one-stop shop for the following activities:

  • Purchasing a new Osher membership
  • Renewing your existing Osher membership
  • Registering for classes and events
  • Reviewing your Osher membership expiration date
  • Reviewing your course history 

Course registration is available about a month prior to the start of the first class in Fall, Spring and Summer terms. We release the digital version of our course catalog about two weeks prior to the start of registration, and we try to mail the catalog to members in time to arrive about a week prior to registration. We also make course schedules and descriptions available online at least a week prior to the start of registration.

Many members use the course catalog to plan out their online registration plans. The online registration portal provides an easy interface to view classes by date, by instructor, by category and using keyword search. Given space limits in print, course descriptions in the registration portal may be more extensive than in the printed catalog.

In addition to Osher Institute classes listed in the online registration portal, Osher members are eligible to audit select classes (see below). And if you have an idea for a class, we invite you to submit a course proposal.

Online Registration Assistance

A number of resources are available to support online registration.

Additional Information

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  • Auditing Classes

    Osher Institute members may audit selected University of Richmond credit classes, which generally meet for 15 weeks beginning at the start of each semester. Osher members who audit credit classes do not participate in graded assignments or tests and are asked to be sensitive to the needs of the credit students to have ample “air time” in class discussions.

    Gold members pay no additional fees to audit credit classes. Silver members pay $100 for each audit class.

    To view the list of credit classes, visit the Registrar’s Schedule page. From that page:

    1. Select the link for School of Professional & Continuing Studies or School of Arts & Sciences 
    2. Open the spreadsheet to review the credit class list.
    3. Contact Nell Smith in the Osher Office to indicate the class or classes you would like to audit.

    When requesting registration, please send your request no later than three weeks before the beginning of the credit class semester. Include title, course number, course section, day(s) and time.

    The Osher office staff will check to see if the class(es) you have selected are available for Osher audit. Classes most available for Osher audit are those in the liberal arts and in the 300 and 400 levels. Please be mindful that the course must be appropriate for audit, the instructor must approve each audit, and there must be a seat available. For questions and assistance related to Osher audits, please contact the Osher Institute staff.

  • Regirer Series on Aging Well

    The Regirer Series on Aging Well offers classes and events related to financial, emotional and physical health and well-being for seniors. Classes are available to members only, while select events are free and open to the public. Osher members should register for all Regirer Series on Aging Well programs (labeled with Aw in the print catalog) using the online registration portal.

  • National Osher Online

    National Osher Online is a pilot project of the Osher National Resource Center (NRC). It kicked off in the fall of 2022, and UR’s Osher Institute was one of the original pilot sites. We continue to offer these classes each semester.

    These national classes feature some of the best, most experienced instructors across the Osher network. The hope is that the pilot will be eventually scaled nationwide and offered to the entire Osher network.

    Osher Online courses will not replace any existing, local programming but instead offer a unique, online learning modality with a variety of courses to supplement existing offerings by individual institutes. This pilot program will provide members across the country with a means to connect with each other and learn together by participating in this new initiative, while maintaining membership at their local institute.

    We are grateful to the Bernard Osher Foundation, Northwestern University, and the Osher NRC for their support and hard work in making this happen.

  • Eligibility Reminders

    Osher Gold members may register for as many of the courses listed in the online registration portal as they’d like for no charge unless otherwise noted. Silver members pay $100 for credit courses for audit and pay the listed course fee for all other courses. Non-members are welcome to register for Osher events that are free and open to the public. Free events require registration.

  • Paper-Based Registration

    Online registration is the preferred method to register for Osher Institute classes and events. For popular classes, online registration is more likely to result in enrolling in your desired class(es), as paper-based registrations will be processed after the start of online registration. To complete a paper-based registration, download a registration form, complete and fax to (804) 289-8138. You may also mail your registration, which is required when paying by check, to:

    Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
    School of Professional & Continuing Studies
    490 Westhampton Way
    University of Richmond, VA 23173

    If you’re in the neighborhood, please feel free to drop by the office for assistance with online registration. The Osher office is located in Room 100 of the Special Programs Building on UR Drive. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Registration reminder emails will be sent prior to the start date of each class. Class location and parking information will be included.

  • Off-campus Programs

    All registrants for off-campus Osher programs must complete a Liability Release form for each program. Additionally we ask that each participant carry with them emergency information, and we provide this I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) form that participants may use to compile this information.