UR Summer School Admissions

UR Summer School has an open enrollment policy. No tests or assessments are required for admission.

Admission to UR Summer School does not imply admission to any other school of the University.

Should you wish to attend another school of the University, application should be made to the Dean of Admission of that school. Those wishing to enroll in and receive graduate credit for summer coursework must have credentials on file in the Summer School office (in the School of Professional & Continuing Studies) for admission as a special student.

Only the School of Professional & Continuing Studies (SPCS) admits students to degree programs in the summer. If interested in admission to an SPCS degree program, please visit the Academic Admissions page for details.

Housing is available for an additional fee to University of Richmond students taking Summer School classes. Housing is unavailable for non-UR college students or high school students enrolled in UR Summer School.

Review the tuition, fees, and refund schedule for UR Summer School classes. Fees are charged by unit using the current semester-hour rate for SPCS classes, converted to units.

Admissions Requirements

We offer open enrollment into UR Summer School. However, there are a few actions prospective students must take to enroll in classes.

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  • Current UR Students

    Continuing Students

    If you are enrolled in a University of Richmond degree program and taking one or more classes in the spring term, there are no admissions requirements for Summer School courses. Simply register in BannerWeb once registration opens.

    Non-Continuing Students

    If you are enrolled in a University of Richmond degree program but did not take classes in the spring term, you need to contact the Summer School office at 804-289-8133 or summer@richmond.edu to have your student status reactivated and to update your contact information. Once reactivated, register in BannerWeb.

    Registration Holds

    BannerWeb registration can be prevented by holds. If you have a question about a hold, you can view your holds on BannerWeb and contact the appropriate office.

  • Non-UR College Students

    Summer School is open to all college students who wish to take one or more classes for enrichment or transfer. If you are not enrolled in a University of Richmond degree program but wish to take a class, you need to complete the paper Application/Registration form. There is no application fee for Summer School. You must meet all prerequisite requirements, if applicable.

  • Local High School Students

    Highly qualified rising high school seniors may enroll in select Summer School classes for full college credit. Many 100- and 200- level classes are eligible for high school enrollment.

    Required Qualifications

    • Rank in the top fifth of the junior class
    • Aptitude and achievement test scores that clearly indicate capacity for college-level study
    • Evidence of interest and determination to meet the challenge of college-level work
    • Recommendation of the high school principal, headmaster, or guidance counselor

    Credit earned for successful completion of courses will be kept on file. Eligible credits may be applied toward a University of Richmond degree, if accepted into a degree program, or forwarded by transcript to another college upon request.

    To apply, submit the following application materials to the Office of Summer Studies (490 Westhampton Way, Richmond, VA, 23173):

    • Application/Registration form
    • Payment by check or specific credit card payment
    • Letter of recommendation from your high school principal, headmaster, or guidance counselor
    • Original high school transcript in a sealed envelope

Next Steps for Enrollment

Non-UR college students and high school students accepted to UR Summer School should review the following steps for enrollment. If you have questions, contact the Summer School office at (804) 289-8133 or cgenoves@richmond.edu.

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  • 1. Activate Your Network Account

    Once you receive your UR ID, you should activate your computing account (netID). Your netID gives you access to your UR student email and to Blackboard, the University’s course management tool. Faculty will communicate by email only using your @richmond.edu address, so activating and forward your email is vital. Visit How to Activate Network Accounts on SpiderTechNet for details.

  • 2. Confirm Your Registration

    Because you completed the Application/Registration form, you’ve been registered for the course(s) you requested. To confirm, login to BannerWeb after activating your netID.

    To login to BannerWeb off campus, you’ll need to enroll in Duo two-factor authentication. Follow these instructions for logging into BannerWeb using Duo. 

  • 3. Connect to the Network

    Be sure you can access the UR wired, wireless and VPN network using your computer and mobile devices. Register your mobile device(s) along with your computer(s) on the network. Links and instructions are available on the Information Services website. Visit the Getting Connected on Campus page for on-campus network access, or review the VPN FAQ page for information on using VPN to access campus networks. 

  • 4. Purchase Textbooks

    Most instructors notify the UR Bookstore of required textbooks, and the Bookstore makes copies available for purchase. The Bookstore delivers, too! Visit urspidershop.com.

    Instructors may also share textbook requirements in Blackboard. Use your netID to access your class in Blackboard if your instructor uses Blackboard for communication and learning management.

  • 5. Review Academic Support

    Although you may be here only a few weeks, we encourage you to take advantage of all the academic resources available to students of the University of Richmond. Visit www.richmond.edu/academics.

  • 6. Confirm Class Location

    A day or two prior to the first day of class, check BannerWeb for updated class locations for in-person courses. Classes sometimes relocate at the last minute. Be sure to review a campus map if this is your first time to visit campus. Visit www.richmond.edu/visit.

    If your class is offered online, be sure you access Blackboard and set up your University of Richmond Zoom account prior to the start of the course. Visit urichmond.zoom.us.

Additional Summer School Information

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  • Summer School Logistics


    Continuing University of Richmond students do not need to complete a Summer School application. They may register online when BannerWeb registration opens.

    Non-UR students must complete a brief PDF application and submit with payment. Applications are available once registration opens.


    The UR Bookstore, centrally located in the Tyler Haynes Commons and online, stocks all required texts and supplies requested by the instructors for Summer School classes. Non-required books, supplies, insignia gifts and clothing, and sundry items also are available for personal shopping.


    The Registrar’s Office maintains the official academic calendar for Summer School, including term start and end dates, exam dates, and class holidays. Summer School terms include 5-Week I & II, 6-Week I & II, 8-Week and 12-Week.


    Classes are held in air-conditioned classrooms, conveniently located to the parking areas, and scheduled with the student in mind.

    Identification (Student ID)

    Continuing UR students may use their current One Card for Summer School.

    Non-UR students admitted to Summer School should visit One Card services with a photo ID to obtain a student ID.


    The University of Richmond libraries consist of Boatwright Memorial Library (which includes the Book Art Studio and the Galvin Rare Book Room) and the Music Library, located in the George M. Modlin Center for the Arts. The University of Richmond School of Law Library is administered through the Law School.

    University Libraries are available to Summer School students. Use your One Card (UR student ID) when checking out books. Use your netID (UR network ID) to log onto computers.


    The Summer School office is located in the School of Professional & Continuing Studies on the second floor of the Special Programs Building. The office is open 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays.


    Parking permits are required and may be obtained free of charge from the University Parking Services located on the ground floor of the Special Programs Building. The current year parking permit is in effect throughout the summer. Students are restricted to student lots. Parking lots are lighted and patrolled by University Police.


    The University of Richmond has a comprehensive Recreation program. Non-UR Summer School students are charged a discounted membership fee for access to the Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness. Review the paid memberships page under Summer for more details.

  • Academics

    Changing Course Levels

    If available, designated courses may be taken at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Requirements for students who wish to take a course at the graduate level are outlined below. Accreditation standards require that students at the graduate level complete more work, often additional papers or projects, and achieve at a higher level. The requirements for each level are clearly defined on the course syllabus.

    Students can change the level of a course they are registered for through the Add/Late Registration date as specified on the Summer Calendar. For special short classes, no level changes can be made after the second day of the course. Students who change the course level will be refunded or charged the tuition difference.

    Graduate-Level Courses

    All 500-level courses are open only to graduate students. Undergraduate courses offered for graduate credit are designated in the schedule. Graduate students taking these courses are expected to complete more work and achieve at a higher level than undergraduate students.


    Approximately 95 percent of our summer faculty hold doctorates, and most teach in the regular session of the University. Outstanding visiting lecturers also participate in the Summer School.

    Independent Studies and Internships

    Special summer terms are used for independent studies and internships that do not have regularly scheduled meetings. Students must submit an Individual Instruction Request Form online.

  • Policies & Procedures


    Non-UR students admitted into Summer School are governed by policies, including the University Honor code, as stated in academic catalogs.

    • For enrollment in courses whose course numbers end in “U”: SPCS Catalog
    • For enrollment in courses whose course numbers do not include “U”: Undergraduate Catalog

    Continuing UR students are governed by the appropriate catalog (based on date of admission) of the school to which they were admitted.

    Confidentiality and FERPA

    Review the Registrar’s Office FERPA page for details on directory information, confidentiality, and student right to know.

  • Select Facility Hours

    Campus Office Hours

    Most campus offices are open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. However, contacting each office prior to visiting is recommended. Consult the campus directory for office and department contact details.

    Campus Police

    The University Police are available at any time. Their office is on the first floor of the Special Programs Building.

    • For emergencies, dial 911 from any campus phone or call 804-289-8911 using a mobile phone.
    • For non-emergency calls, dial x8715 from any campus phone or call 804-289-8715 using a mobile phone.

    Blue-light emergency call boxes across campus are immediately connected to police dispatch.

    Dining Locations

    Hours of operation for dining locations on campus are availabled on the Dining Services website.

    University Libraries

    University library hours are posted on the library website.

    UR Spider Shop Bookstore

    Bookstore hours are available on the UR Spider Shop website.

    Weinstein Center for Recreation

    Recreate Center hours are available on the Recreation website.