Personal Finance

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies offers classes and programs focused on financial planning, personal financial well-being, and preparing for financial independence. Our classes and programs cover investing, investment management, and retirement planning among other topics.

Our Personal Finance classes and programs seek to extend the values and resources of a liberal arts education into sound financial management and practices, both personal and professional.

The selections listed in the tabs below represent a portion of what we have to offer. Additional listings are available and include a wide range of classes.


In the tabs below, classes and programs include a registration link. For specific information on how to register for online classes, review the information in the Online Partner Registration page. Procedures differ slightly by partner, but may all be completed online.

Programming Levels

In our Professional Education & Enrichment areas of study, we seek to provide a selection of coursework and programs that meet different enrichment and workforce levels of study. Each is described below:

  • Career-curious and enrichment: Designed to explore a career or expand an interest
  • Career-level: Designed to build skills or shift to a new career
  • Professional-level: Designed to deepen or widen knowledge and experience
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  • Career-Curious & Enrichment Programs
    Financial Planning and Control

    Online: This introductory-level course is meant to teach finance concepts to non-financial managers, and considers tools for decision-making such as cost benefit analysis, break even analysis, and balanced scorecard. The course also teaches basic finance concepts such as return on investment (ROI), fixed and variable costs and payback period. Self-paced (three months access) through MindEdge.

    How to Read a Financial Statement

    Online: This course covers financial reports and their meaning. You’ll learn the fundamentals and importance of the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows, and how they can be used to manage a business. Course also addresses financial (ratio) analysis. Self-paced (three months access) through MindEdge.

    Investing Ideas

    Online: In partnership with Capstone Financial Partners, we’re offering short courses that provide investment and saving ideas for a variety of circumstances, including retirement investments, pandemic investing and financial independence. Instructor led (start dates vary) through SPCS.

    Personal Finance

    Online: Perhaps you have been in charge of your finances since you started working an after school job in high school, or maybe you are suddenly feeling overwhelmed with allocating the salary from your first job out of college. No matter what your financial situation is, it’s important to understand how to handle your money. This course will familiarize you with the basics of budgeting, credit, saving and investing. Self-paced (three months access) through MindEdge.

    Retirement Planning

    Online: Many of the retirement strategies utilized by your parents have grown outdated and may no longer be applicable to those looking to retire today. This class compares and contrasts the old retirement paradigms of yesteryear and the new paradigms of today as you prepare to retire in the 21st Century. This class is relevant if you are developing a retirement plan, nearing retirement, or recently retired. Instructor led (start dates vary) through Capstone Finanial Partners.

    Understanding and Managing Budgets

    Online: This introductory-level course covers budgets and how they’re used in organizational settings including the uses and functions of master budgets, operating budgets, sales, production and cost of goods sold budgets, and cash budgets. You’ll also learn about the budgeting process, and how organizations are using different budgeting techniques to overcome operating challenges. Self-paced (three months access) through MindEdge.

  • Career-Level Programs
    Certified Financial Planner

    Online: Earn the Certified Financial Planner™ designation by taking coursework that prepares you to sit for the CFP® exam. Offered in partnership with Dalton Education, leading provider of innovative education solutions in financial planning. Instructor-led (start dates vary) or self-paced option available through Dalton Education.

Golden eggs in a nest
CFP Certification In partnership with Dalton Education, we offer two online CFP® certification education programs: the Self-Paced Online CFP Certification Education Program and the Virtual Classroom CFP® Certification Education Program. Certified Financial Planner