Home-Based Business Boot Camp

This program is designed for first-time entrepreneurs who want to bring their business ideas to life. Coursework will guide participants through identifying the steps and learning the skills they need to create and develop a home-based small business. The program offers a practical, hands-on approach to developing a small, home-based business, including writing an effective business plan and marketing the new business.

The program includes prominent Richmond business leaders and owners who will serve as guest speakers, sharing their experience and expertise. The learning environment for this course will allow students to write their business plan and practice a creative problem-solving approach toward making their business a reality.


Our Home-Based Business Boot Camp will help participants determine whether they are ready to start a home-based business and, if they are, will provide the guidance and direction needed to bring the idea to fruition. Upon completing the program, participants may decide to start the business, delay the business start, or even return to the drawing board to develop a better, more profitable and marketable idea.

Learning Outcomes

Students will develop segments of their business plan in each session, and present their completed plans in the final session. Classroom learning will be augmented by brief assignments prior to class, including relevant reading, writing or viewing.

Program Summary

The Home-Based Business Boot Camp covers the major financial, legal, marketing, time management and planning fundamentals of small business entrepreneurship.

The program of study includes four modules taught over eight weeks. Each module contains two sessions:

  1. The first session of each module covers essential concepts, practical applications and activities to engage learners with the topic.
  2. The second session of each module features guest speakers from the Richmond business community sharing their entrepreneurial successes.

Instructional Team

Allison Carver

Allison Carver headshotAllison Carver has been an entrepreneur since 2010 and owns her own small business, A Taste of Therapy, LLC. She worked as a licensed mental health therapist and nationally certified counselor in various outpatient settings. She has always enjoyed cooking and the relaxation it brought to her, so in 2010, she combined her two passions, therapy and cooking. This unique twist has brought her years of entrepreneurial success. More...

Robert R. Piazza

Bob Piazza headshotThroughout his career, Bob Piazza has focused on the execution of strategic and tactical priorities of businesses through the daily productivity of employees at all levels. He is adept at discovering performance and behavior strengths and opportunities in people and organizations, creating robust plans for improvement, and leading change, all of which demand broad and deep communications skills. More...

Home-Based Business Boot Camp Modules

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  • Module 1: Legal Components to Starting a Business
  • Module 2: Financial Planning for Success

    Session 1

    Introduces students to the financial aspects of running a small business. Focuses on the importance of budgeting, including setting up a budget appropriate for your business, working with the budget, and planning out yearly expenses that include compensation for the entrepreneur. Evaluates a twelve-month cash flow to determine if a small business loan is necessary. Guides students through drafting the financial portion of a business plan.

    Session 2

    Features a Certified Public Accountant as guest speaker who will cover the value of budgeting a understanding cash flow as a business owner. Includes group discussion and planning to estimate fixed and varied expenses for the first twelve months in business.

  • Module 3: Marketing Basics for Small Business

    Session 1

    Introduces students to the many aspects of marketing a business. Addresses the importance of networking and developing community-based marketing strategies. Covers creating a marketing plan for their business, scheduling marketing content, and using live videos to build credibly with potential customers. Also covers social media marketing options and assists students in setting up business accounts. Guides students through drafting the marketing portion of a business plan.

    Session 2

    Features two local business owners covering how they have utilized various marketing techniques to grow their businesses. Covers the importance of building an email list along with the importance of lead magnets and effective email marketing in growing a business.

  • Module 4: Time Management & Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Session 1

    Introduces students to the importance of effective time management strategies in success. Focuses on using a schedule and maximizing expectations to ensure the business runs successfully. Covers the importance of an entrepreneur mindset and developing a personal definition of success. Also features a prominent guest speaker who will introduce effective time management techniques that have worked for their business. Guides students through drafting the management portion of a business plan.

    Session 2

    Continues focus on planning effective time management techniques that will work for your business. Emphasizes the importance of working smarter, not harder; of hiring virtual assistants; of using Pomodoro technique; and of planning sessions for the most effective strategy for success. Culminates with individual small business plan presentations using the strategies covered through the program.