Goal 4: Integrate Across the University

Goal 4 iconIntegrate programs, services, and educational offerings with those of the University and of the other schools at UR to best meet the needs of students and the Richmond community.

Because SPCS is one of the five schools of the University, programs, services and educational offerings sometimes overlap. We seek to identify areas where integration of duplicated efforts or alignment of similar efforts can be achieved for programmatic and operational clarity and efficiencies, both in SPCS and in the larger University.

We will focus on improving internal processes toward better serving SPCS and UR students as well as the Richmond community.


  1. Align all functions of SPCS to its core mission.
  2. Implement a business model which supports the SPCS mission and which aligns with the needs of the University.
  3. Enhance programs and support services for SPCS students.
  4. Invest in the development of programs that align with the academic strengths outlined in the University’s strategic plan.