Human Resource Management

Employees are an organization’s greatest strength.

This makes attracting, training and developing high-quality candidates crucial to a company’s success. Our degrees in human resource management (HRM) provide students with both quantitative skills and a global perspective as they pertain to HRM with a goal of enriching the student’s understanding of the environment in which HRM operates.

HRM is based on the theory that individuals in the workplace ought to be considered as unique beings with diverse needs. HR professionals understand employees from an interdisciplinary perspective and use different tactics to lead, motivate and encourage employees.

The HRM program is a perfect fit for professionals who need to comprehend such issues as compensation management, employment law, leadership theory, recruitment, retention and the role of analysis in strategic decision making.

We offer undergraduate and graduate opportunities to study HR management: an undergraduate HRM major in our Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies (BSPS) degree, a graduate certificate in HRM, and our Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) degree.

Bachelor's Degree Our undergraduate major in HR Management offers a strategic perspective within a regional and global context, quantitative and IT skills pertaining to HRM and a thorough understanding of the HRM environment. BSPS Major in HR Management
Graduate Certificate Designed for professionals who are exploring new career options in HR, HR professionals seeking professional development to expand their current knowledge, and students who want to explore graduate study or may not be ready to earn a master’s degree. Graduate Certificate in HR Management
Master's Degree Designed for professionals seeking a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of management principles related to human resources. Master of Human Resource Management

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