Areas of Study

These areas of study represent focal points where the values of a liberal arts education express themselves in professional advancement and career enrichment activities. Our focus in developing our professional education programs is to align traditional educational training in the liberal arts — including critical thinking, entrepreneurial leadership, problem solving and communication — with the professional skills of the workplace.

From these areas of study we’ve collected test preparation coursework as well as coursework specifically designed for secondary school students. And in partnership with trusted online education provides, we offer an extensive catalog of online courses as well.

Programming Levels

In each area of focus, we’ve selected online and face-to-face classes and programs at exploration, skills building and professional levels. We use this framework to guide our ongoing program development in line with the needs of Richmond’s working professionals.

  • Career-curious and enrichment: Designed to explore a career or expand an interest
  • Career-level: Designed to build skills or shift to a new career
  • Professional-level: Designed to deepen or widen knowledge and experience

Programming Areas

Arts & Design Includes the Interior Decorating Certificate
Brewing Education Includes the Beer Brewer Professional program
Communication & Writing Includes online Technical Writing program
Data Analytics Includes Data Analytics Boot Camp
Digital Marketing Includes the Customer Experience (CX) certificate
IT, GIS & Coding Includes Coding & Cybersecurity Boot Camps and GIS Professional program
Legal, Politics & Government Includes Campaign Management and Grassroots Advocacy programs
Management & Administration Includes SHRM Learning System, Work Positive & PELS programs
Nonprofit Management Includes the Institute on Philanthropy
Personal Finance Includes the online CFP program
Personal Wellness Includes Personal Training Certification programs
Small & Home-Based Business Includes Home-Based Business Boot Camp
Sustainability & Environment Includes Permaculture Design and Sustainability & Social Impact programs
Teaching & Instruction Includes Partners in the Arts & Center for Leadership in Education