Careers in Information Security

Information security and cybersecurity jobs account for nearly 10% of all IT jobs, and the growth rate of information security job postings is twice as fast as for all other IT jobs. Demand for information security talent is outstripping supply. In 2013, Virginia ranked second behind only California in total information security postings.

The vast majority of information security jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. In return, information security job salaries offer a $15,000 premium above the overall average for IT jobs.

Our bachelor’s degree major and post-bachelor’s certificate in information security prepare students to be IT specialists and decision makers in information security positions in private and governmental sectors.

Demand by Industry Sector

Leading industries for information security professionals include the following:

  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance

Industries with increasing shares of information security professionals include:

  • Manufacturing and Defense
  • Public Administration
  • Retail Trade

Information Security Roles

Many different roles are available in public and private sectors for information security professionals. Among them are the following:

  • Engineer (includes Security Engineer, Information Assurance Engineer)
  • Manager/Administrator (including Data Security Administrator or Information Security Manager)
  • Analyst (including IT Security Analyst, Cyber Intelligence Analyst)
  • Specialist/Technician (IT Security Specialist, Infosec Technician)

Source: Growth of cybersecurity jobs (2014) from Burning Glass.