Management & Administration

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies champions the development of professionals in mastering the challenges of managing, supervising, and administering both people and processes. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the dynamic needs of today's business environment, offering a blend of traditional wisdom and modern strategies.

Our classes cover essential topics like customer service, HR management, supervision, administration, project management, and nuanced areas like change and conflict management in the workplace. Whether you’re looking to steer a team, optimize processes, or manage pivotal projects, our programs equip you with the tools and insights required.

Embedded in our Management & Administration courses is our commitment to infusing the principles of a liberal arts education. In doing so, we foster a holistic approach, ensuring our students cultivate both managerial expertise and a broader understanding of talent, business management, and leadership.

Registration Options

All registration options require free online account creation prior to purchase. Tuition remission (TR) applies to eligible UR employees only. Alumni discount applies to UR degree programs graduates only.

  • ed2go: Register & pay via our partner ed2go following ed2go refund & cancellation policies. TR may be applied by completing the TR form. Alumni discount does not apply.
  • Enrole: Register & pay via our registration portal following UR refund & cancellation policies. TR may be applied online. Alumni discount may apply.
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