UR Coding Boot Camp

Our Coding Boot Camp is offered entirely online using our tried and tested virtual classroom experience.

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies, in partnership with edX, offers a 24-week full stack UR Coding Boot Camp that prepares students to become web developers. This intensive program meets entirely online. UR Coding Boot Camp is a part-time program with convenient learning sessions tailored to the needs of working adults and full-time students.

Program of Study

The curriculum incorporates a blend of high-demand technologies, computer science fundamentals, and sample code interview questions to prepare students to succeed on job interviews. The program of study is optimized for the Richmond market, meaning students who complete Coding Boot Camp will be ready for local jobs. Technologies and frameworks covered during the program include, among others:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Java and Bootstrap
  • Express.js, React.js, Node.js
  • Database Theory
  • MongoDB, MySQL
  • Command Line
  • Git


When students complete the program, they should have the skills to:

  • Communicate the basics of serving a webpage and how the browser renders code
  • Build front-end websites from scratch or by utilizing a front-end framework (such as Bootstrap)
  • Create a full stack Single Page Application with AJAX communication
  • Generate dynamic content and implement user-authentication schemes by incorporating different types of databases — MySQL, MongoDB and Firebase
  • Apply “social coding” accepted and best practices (including source control, issue tracking, functional feedback, etc.)
  • Work independently or in a group on complex projects throughout the entire development life cycle


Students earn a Certificate of Completion from the University of Richmond plus a robust portfolio of web applications to showcase their skills to potential employers. Students also receive a wide range of career planning services, including:

  • Career Coaching
  • Online Career Events with Industry Professionals
  • Career Content and Practice Sessions
  • Customizable Tools and Template
  • Soft Skills Training
  • One-on-One Career Coaching

Admissions Requirements

No coding experience is required. The program offers students with little or no prior experience 50 hours of pre-course tutorials. A college degree is not required, but strong reasoning and time management skills are essential to success. This program is not open enrollment: Applicants will be required to go through an initial phone interview with an admissions advisor and take a critical thinking and problem-solving assessment before an admissions decision is made. Visit bootcamps.richmond.edu/coding or call (804) 616-3270 to get started.

Paying for Your Studies

Students who qualify may arrange payment plans as well as private loans for up to the full cost of registration. UR alumni receive a tuition discount of $500. Visit bootcamps.richmond.edu/coding or call (804) 616-3270 to learn more about costs and payment options.

More Information

To request more information or to speak to a program representative, visit bootcamps.richmond.edu/coding.