Headshot of Tom J. Shields

Tom J. Shields

Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs

Associate Professor, Education

Program Chair, Graduate Education

Associate Professor, Leadership Studies

School Liaison, AFAC

Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau

Adjunct Instructor, Executive Education

Curriculum Vitae

  • Selected Publications
    Journal Articles

    Shields, T., Cassada, K., & Shakeshaft, C. (2012). EduLead: Regional partnership for regional benefit. Virginia Educational Leadership, 9(1) 44-60.

    Shields, T., Kidd, Q., Johnson, R., & O'Brien, S. (2006). Civic and political leadership. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 10(2), 77+.

    Shields, T. (2004). The fight for political representation in a Southern suburb: The use of the Voting Rights Act and the federal court system by Black plaintiffs in Henrico County, Virginia. Politics and Policy, (32)2, 222-47.

    Shields, T. (2003). The “Tip of the Iceberg” in a Southern suburban county: The fight for a Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday. Journal of Black Studies, 33(4), 499-519.

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