Headshot of Tom J. Shields

Tom J. Shields

Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs

Associate Professor, Education

Program Chair, Graduate Education

Associate Professor, Leadership Studies

School Liaison, AFAC

Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau

Adjunct Instructor, Executive Education

Curriculum Vitae

  • Selected Publications
    Journal Articles

    Shields, T., Cassada, K., & Shakeshaft, C. (2012). EduLead: Regional partnership for regional benefit. Virginia Educational Leadership, 9(1) 44-60.

    Shields, T., Kidd, Q., Johnson, R., & O'Brien, S. (2006). Civic and political leadership. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 10(2), 77+.

    Shields, T. (2004). The fight for political representation in a Southern suburb: The use of the Voting Rights Act and the federal court system by Black plaintiffs in Henrico County, Virginia. Politics and Policy, (32)2, 222-47.

    Shields, T. (2003). The “Tip of the Iceberg” in a Southern suburban county: The fight for a Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday. Journal of Black Studies, 33(4), 499-519.

    Additional Publications

    Siegel-Hawley, G., Koziol, B., Moeser, J., Holden, T., & Shields, T. (2017). Can we live and learn together? Confronting school and housing segregation in the Richmond region. Report of the University of Richmond Center for Leadership in Education, the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education, and Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) of Virginia. Retrieved from http://school-diversity.org/pdf/Richmond_Housing-Schools_Report_2017.pdf 

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