Adjunct Resources

The tabs below open to reveal a host of resources that SPCS adjuncts faculty members may need to consult, review, or use throughout their tenure as an adjunct.

If you wish to suggest additional resources, please contact a member of the Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC). AFAC is responsible for the listing of resources; if you encounter dead links, please bring this to the attention of the SPCS Web Manager.

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  • Forms

    Personal & Professional

    Share Your Story. Tell us what teaching at SPCS and UR means to you

    Fund Request. Use for professional development activities and/or class instructional support/social funds


    Guest Speaker Request. Use this online form for guest speaker approval and honorarium funds

    Textbook request. Request an instructor’s desk copy or text for possible adoption

  • Campus Resources & Teaching Engagement
  • Syllabus Guidelines

    Required Elements

    Required Elements of a Syllabus. Brief guidelines with resources for writing and submitting your syllabus.

    Syllabus Insert

    Hope N. Walton, director of the Academic Skills Center, encourages faculty to include the following syllabus insert addressing academic and personal support services.

    If you experience difficulties in this course, do not hesitate to consult with me. There are also other resources that can support you in your efforts to meet course requirements.

    Academic Skills Center (804-289-8626 or 804-289-8956) — Assists students in assessing their academic strengths and weaknesses; honing their academic skills through teaching effective test preparation, critical reading and thinking, information conceptualization, concentration, and related techniques; working on specific subject areas (e.g., calculus, chemistry, accounting, etc.); and encouraging campus and community involvement. Tutors will be available virtually. The on-call peer-tutors available for these appointments are listed in a Box file: Email Roger Mancastroppa ( and Hope Walton ( for appointments in academic and life skills to request a Zoom conference.

    Boatwright Library Research Librarians (804-289-8876) — Research librarians assist students with identifying and locating resources for class assignments, research papers and other course projects. Librarians also provide research support for students and can respond to questions about evaluating and citing sources. Students can email, text or IM or schedule a personal research appointment to meet with a librarian in his/her office on the first floor Research and Collaborative Study area.

    Career Services (804289-8547) — Can assist you in exploring your interests and abilities, choosing a major, connecting with internships and learning experiences, investigating graduate and professional school options, and landing your first job. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with a career advisor during your first year at SPCS. Your SPCS Career Advisor is Becca Shelton (

    Counseling and Psychological Services (804-289-8119) — Assists students in improving their mental health and well-being, and in handling challenges that may impede their growth and development. Services include short-term counseling and psychotherapy, crisis intervention, psychiatric consultation, and related services. Full-time SPCS students are eligible for free services.

    Disability Services (804-662-5001) — The Office of Disability Services works to ensure that qualified students with a disability (whether incoming or current) are provided with reasonable accommodations that enable students to participate fully in activities, programs, services and benefits provided to all students. Please let your professors know as soon as possible if you have an accommodation that requires academic coordination and planning.

    Speech Center (804-289-6409) — Assists with preparation and practice in the pursuit of excellence in public expression.  Recording, playback, coaching and critique sessions offered by teams of student consultants trained to assist in developing ideas, arranging key points for more effective organization, improving style and delivery, and handling multimedia aids for individual and group presentations.

    Writing Center (804-289-8263) — Assists writers at all levels of experience, across all majors. Students can schedule appointments with trained writing consultants who offer friendly critiques of written work. As an SPCS student, you also have exclusive access to the Richmond Online Writing Lab (OWL): review guidelines for submitting assignments to the OWL.

    Additional Information to Consider

    Diversity and Inclusion

    The University of Richmond is committed to developing a diverse workforce and student body and to modeling an inclusive campus community which values the expression of differences in ways that promote excellence in teaching, learning, personal development and institutional success:

    Honor Code

    Students are expected to adhere to the University of Richmond Honor Code at all times. All work submitted should be original, completed for this class and no other. It is plagiarism to include other people’s ideas or information without documenting the source, including textbooks, books, articles, and the internet.

    Religious Observances

    The University of Richmond values and supports students’ religious observance. Students who will miss class or other academic assignments because of religious observance are responsible for completing missed work. Students should contact the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester to make arrangements. The full religious observance policy is online.

SPCS Faculty Committees

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  • SPCS Academic Council 2023-24

    The SPCS Academic Council governs approval of additions and changes to the School’s academic programs.

    Kristen Ball*
    University Registrar

    Kristin Bezio* (Jepson)
    Associate Professor of Leadership Studies

    Allison Brenning* (Arts & Sciences)
    Director of Instruction & Education Practice

    Kate Cassada
    Assistant Chair, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, SPCS

    Lester Caudill* (Arts & Sciences)
    Professor, Mathematics

    Gretchen Flynn Morris
    Director, Strategic Management for Academic & Student Services, SPCS

    Ann Hodges
    Chair, Paralegal Studies, SPCS

    Dana Jackson
    Director of Clinical Practice, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, SPCS

    Melanie Jenkins*
    Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

    David Kitchen
    Associate Dean, Professional Education & Special Programs, SPCS

    Laura Kuti
    Assistant Chair, Teacher Education, SPCS

    Rob McAdams
    Director, Partners in the Arts

    Lionel Mew
    Chair, Information Systems, SPCS

    Tracy Nicholson
    Chair, Human Resource Management, SPCS

    Erik Nielson
    Assistant Chair, Liberal Arts & Chair, MLA, SPCS

    Randy Romich*
    Assessment Specialist, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

    Joan Saab
    Executive Vice President & Provost

    Andrew Schoeneman
    Chair, Nonprofit Studies, SPCS

    Tom Shields
    Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs & Chair, Graduate Education, SPCS

    Joyce van der Laan Smith* (Business, spring 2024 only)
    Associate Professor, Accounting

    Bob Spires
    Assistant Professor, Education, SPCS

    Shital Thekdi* (Business, fall 2023 only)
    Associate Professor, Analytics & Operations & Acting Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

    Jamelle Wilson
    Dean, SPCS

    * Ex-Officio Member (has no voting rights)

    Attend as Observers

    • Erica Jackson, Senior Associate Registrar


    Membership can vary from year to year. Voting members are as follows:

    • SPCS full-time faculty (traditional and clinical) members, including those with administrative roles
    • SPCS staff with faculty status
    • SPCS Accreditation and Assessment Specialist

    Non-voting members may include the following, among whom are tenured representatives from the four other schools of the University:

    • Up to 3 representatives from the School of Arts and Sciences
    • 1 representative from the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business
    • 1 representative from the Jepson School of Leadership Studies
    • 1 representative from the Richmond School of Law
    • 1 representative from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness
    • 1 representative from the Registrar’s Office
    • EVP & Provost


    One meeting per semester is generally scheduled unless 1) no meeting is required in a given semester or 2) more than one meeting is required to address ongoing academic program changes. The Assistant to the Dean schedules meetings and coordinates agenda items in collaboration with Council members.


    Minutes of Academic Council meetings are made available to School faculty and staff upon request. Changes to academic programs and policies that are approved during Academic Council meetings are published in the upcoming academic year’s School catalog unless otherwise indicated.

  • SPCS Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC) 2023-24

    The SPCS Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC) serves as a liaison between the School and the adjunct faculty. Membership is distributed across the School’s degree program areas as noted below. 

    Education: Patricia Abrams

    Human Resource Management: Lyle Evans

    Information Systems: Lee Meeks

    Liberal Arts: Bill Roberts

    Nonprofit Studies: Jennifer Smith-Slabaugh

    Paralegal Studies: Jana Leonard

    SPCS Liaison: Tom Shields, Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs