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Patricia C. Abrams

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Education
Member, AFAC
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    Dr. Abrams is a career special educator with 30 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and adjunct instructor. She studied special education at the State University of New York during the time when the Federal special education laws were first being implemented, and as such, has provided leadership for changing policies and practices over the last 3 decades. Abrams has worked at the Virginia Department of Education for over 20 years providing leadership for compliance with special education regulations, specialized technical assistance, and professional development to local educational agencies. She has authored and co-authored various publications addressing guidance for students with disabilities to access the general curriculum. She was a special education teacher and educational diagnostician in Fauquier County, Va. Her leadership experiences include Director of Special Education and Pupil Services in Hopewell Public Schools and Program Manager for Virginia Department of Education’s  special education leadership academies.