Updating Faculty/Staff Bios

The University provides each faculty and staff member with what has become known internally as a "Faculty/Staff Bio Page." The page is designed to give relevant contact information for each faculty or staff member, along with a photo and an overview of his or her particular expertise. From these pages, faculty and staff may choose to link to personal Web pages, CVs, Blackboard sites, blogs and any other relevant electronic material.

N.B. Before completing this form, please review your current bio page (if available) by completing a keyword search by first and last name at directory.richmond.edu. You need not include information already posted; only additions or updates should be submitted.

The faculty/staff bio pages are maintained centrally. As a result, when a particular person's bio page is updated, the changes are reflected on every Web site where this person's biographic data appears. This is especially helpful for staff and instructors who may work or teach in more than one program or school of the University.

There are a number of available fields on the faculty/staff bio page. Any fields that are left blank will not appear when the bio is published to the Web. NetID and Name fields are required.

If you wish to upload a CV to your faculty/staff bio page, please send it by e-mail attachment it to the Web Manager. CVs will also be shared with the Administrative Coordinator to the Deans.

NetID (what appears before @richmond.edu in your University-issued email address).
You must have a netID to generate a faculty/staff bio page. Contact your School supervisor with questions.


(Multiple titles can be displayed on each bio. Please indicate whether particular titles should only appear on certain Web sites)

Office Building and Room Number
(University only, and only if different from Special Programs Building or North Court)




Web site

Blog address

Link to PDF CV (if available)

Introductory paragraph

(It is preferable, though not required, to list general teaching areas rather than specific courses)


(Any number of degrees can be entered. Include date conferred)

Selected Publications
(Some people choose to include every publication on this list; others list a selection and include a complete list on a personal Web site or attached CV)

Academic and Professional Activities
(This is a good place to include service to the School/University)