SPCS Faculty Committees

The faculty committees listed below are SPCS Academic Council, which governs approval of changes to academic programs, and SPCS Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC), which serves as a liaison between the School and the adjunct faculty.

  • SPCS Academic Council - 2020-21

    The SPCS Academic Council governs approval of additions and changes to the School’s academic programs.

    Susan Breeden*
    University Registrar

    Kate Cassada
    Assistant Chair, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, SPCS

    Lester Caudill (Arts & Sciences)
    Professor, Mathematics

    Gretchen Flynn Morris
    Instructor of HRM; Director, Strategic Management for Academic & Student Services, SPCS

    Lisa Hamiel*
    Assessment Specialist, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

    Ann Hodges
    Interim Chair, Paralegal Studies, SPCS

    Crystal Hoyt (Leadership Studies)
    Professor, Leadership Studies & Psychology

    Dana Jackson
    Director of Clinical Practice, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, SPCS

    Melanie Jenkins*
    Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

    David Kitchen
    Associate Dean, Professional Education & Special Programs, SPCS

    Laura Kuti
    Assistant Chair, Teacher Education, SPCS

    Jeffrey Legro
    Executive Vice President & Provost

    Lionel Mew
    Chair, Information Systems, SPCS

    Deborah Napoli (Arts & Science)
    Director, Clinical Practice, Education

    Tracy Nicholson
    Chair, Human Resource Management, SPCS

    Erik Nielson
    Assistant Chair, Liberal Arts & Chair, MLA, SPCS

    Dan Roberts
    Chair, Liberal Arts, SPCS

    Andrew Schoeneman
    Chair, Nonprofit Studies, SPCS

    Tom Shields
    Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs & Chair, Graduate Education, SPCS

    Andrea Simpson (Arts & Sciences)
    Associate Professor of Political Science and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

    Joyce van der Laan Smith (Business)
    Associate Professor, Accounting

    Bob Spires
    Assistant Professor, Education, SPCS

    Clark Williams (Law)
    Professor of Law

    Jamelle Wilson
    Dean, SPCS

    * Ex-Officio Member (has no voting rights)

    Attend as Observers

    • Kristen Ball, Senior Associate Registrar
    • Joel Hanel, Accreditation & Assessment Specialist, SPCS
    • Beth Ann Howard, Program Manager & Interim Advisor, SPCS


    Membership can vary from year to year. Voting members include all full-time SPCS faculty/program chairs, all SPCS deans, and representatives from the other schools as follows:

    • 3 Representatives from the School of Arts and Sciences
    • 1 Representative from the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business
    • 1 Representative from the Jepson School of Leadership Studies
    • 1 Representative from the Richmond School of Law


    One meeting per semester is generally scheduled unless 1) no meeting is required in a given semester or 2) more than one meeting is required to address ongoing academic program changes. The Assistant to the Dean schedules meetings and coordinates agenda items in collaboration with Council members.


    Minutes of Academic Council meetings are made available to School faculty and staff upon request. Changes to academic programs and policies that are approved during Academic Council meetings are published in the upcoming academic year’s School catalog unless otherwise indicated.

  • Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee - 2020-21

    The SPCS Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC) serves as a liaison between the School and the adjunct faculty. Membership is distributed across the School’s degree program areas as noted below. 

    Education: Erik Laursen

    Human Resource Management: Dick Leatherman

    Information Systems: Bill Prior

    Liberal Arts: Kevin Butterfield

    Nonprofit Studies: Abbi Haggerty

    Paralegal Studies: Bruce McKechnie

    SPCS Liaison: Tom Shields, Associate Dean