Adjunct Processes

The tabs below open to reveal processes that SPCS adjuncts faculty members will need to complete, either as a one-time procedure (like Onboarding) or as a regular procedure (like Preparing to Teach and End of Term processes).

If you have questions about these processes, please direct them as follows:

  • For on-boarding, contact the Assistant to the Dean or the Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs.
  • For start-of-term and end-of-term processes, contact your program manager or assistant chair.
  • For other processes, contact the individuals or offices named in the list.

As part of your onboarding process, or throughout your employment as an adjunct, you may wish to become a Safe Zone Ally to support LGBTQ members of the Richmond community.

And if you are interested in additional employment opportunities at Richmond, visit SPCS job postings or the HR online jobs site.

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  • New Adjunct Faculty Onboarding

    Activate Your Network Account

    Visit the Accounts and Passwords page on the Information Services website and select “Activate account.” You’ll have an opportunity to create a new account using your 8-digit UR ID and your date of birth.

    Your network account will assign you a NetID and 16-character password, which you’ll use to set up your email account, BannerWeb access, and Blackboard access.

    Activate Duo Security for Off-campus BannerWeb & VPN Access

    To protect campus networks, two-factor authentication (2FA) is required to access BannerWeb and the campus VPN (virtual private network) from off-campus locations. The University uses Duo Security enrolled on a mobile device or hardware token.

    If you do not own a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), or if your mobile device cannot be upgraded to accommodate installation of Duo Security, contact your program chair or assistant chair. A hardware token can be used in place of a mobile device, but you must request the token through your program chair or assistant chair.

    Visit the Duo Security page for instructions to enroll a mobile device in Duo Security along with instructions for accessing BannerWeb and VPN using 2FA. The page includes FAQs that may be helpful. Contact the Help Desk with questions.

    Set up Your Richmond Email Address

    Students and administrators will contact you using your University of Richmond email address. FERPA guidelines for faculty and staff expect student messages to be sent from and to your email account.

    As a faculty member, you will receive daily SpiderByte email updates targeting University faculty and staff, email messages from SPCS staff and faculty, and email messages from your students.

    Ensure BannerWeb Contains Up-To-Date Information

    Banner is the system of record for human resource management, instruction, grading, personal information, and emergency alerts. Be sure your information is accurate and up-to-date in BannerWeb.

    Log into BannerWeb at, using your NetID and password, then select the “Personal Information” link. Here you may update your contact information and set up your emergency alert preferences. Plan and prepare for emergencies by providing multiple points of emergency contact.

    Review Relevant Handbooks

    Your employment as a member of the adjunct faculty requires adherence to University and SPCS standards and guidelines. These are outlined in the SPCS Adjunct Faculty Handbook and supplemented by the SPCS Degree Program Catalog.

    Additional resources that may offer guidelines relevant to your work include independent study guidelines, the Institutional Review Board, Human Resources, and educational benefits for adjuncts.

    Review Guidelines for Preparedness

    Visit to review guidelines for preparing for inclement weather and natural disasters. Be sure to review the Continuity of Instruction section for recommendations on instructional preparedness.

    Review and Update Your Faculty Bio Page

    When adjunct faculty members are hired, the SPCS web manager builds a standard faculty bio page using the individual’s NetID and details from the instructor’s CV. Faculty members are responsible for reviewing this information and requesting information as needed.

    Visit and enter your name to find your bio page. Review the information, and if changes or updates are required, complete the Update Faculty/Staff Bio form. You may also use the instructions on this form to submit a headshot or request one be made at the next SPCS Faculty Meeting.

  • Preparing to Teach Each Semester

    Schedule Your Class

    For all undergraduate and graduate classes, contact your program chair or assistant chair to schedule classes each semester.

    Once the schedule is released (generally two weeks prior to the start of registration), visit the SPCS and/or Registrar’s schedule page to confirm. Requests for changes should be routed through your program manager or assistant chair.

    Submit Textbook Adoptions through the UR Bookstore

    Submit your textbook adoption requests to the University of Richmond Bookstore. Even if you do not expect students to purchase texts through the UR Bookstore, submitting your textbook adoption is an efficient way to let students know the texts required for your class.

    Need a desk copy of a text? Most publishers will allow you to request texts directly after validating your status as a member of the adjunct faculty. If this is not an option, you may request a desk copy by submitting a form to the assistant to the dean.

    Complete Your Syllabus

    Follow guidelines for required elements of a syllabus, then submit your syllabus to your chair, assistant chair (if applicable), and to the assistant to the dean. Syllabi should be submitted as required by the chair or by the first class meeting as applicable.

    The following statements should be included in your syllabus. You are encouraged to include a list of Academic and Personal Support Services as well.

    Disability Services

    The University of Richmond strives to ensure that the campus is safe and accessible for everyone. If you need to request a disability accommodation, review guidelines online at

    Diversity and Inclusion

    The University of Richmond is committed to developing a diverse workforce and student body and to modeling an inclusive campus community which values the expression of differences in ways that promote excellence in teaching, learning, personal development and institutional success:

    Honor Code

    Students are expected to adhere to the University of Richmond Honor Code at all times. All work submitted should be original, completed for this class and no other. It is plagiarism to include other people ideas or information without documenting the source, including textbooks, books, articles, even the Internet:

    Religious Observances

    The University of Richmond values and supports students’ religious observance. Students who will miss class or other academic assignments because of religious observance are responsible for completing missed work. Students should contact the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester to make arrangements. The full religious observance policy is online:

    Set up a Blackboard Course Site

    The University of Richmond uses Blackboard as its system-wide learning management system (LMS). A Blackboard course site will be set up for each degree program class at the University of Richmond. Once you activate your netID and are listed as instructor of record for the course, you’ll have access to your course site at

    Need assistance with Blackboard? Contact the Information Services at

    Although use of the LMS is not required, Blackboard offers useful tools for grade management, calculation, and display in addition to attendance, integrated communications with students, and more. Blackboard is also a key component of the Continuity of Instruction recommendations.

    Sign Your Contract

    SPCS Administrative and Technical Services personnel work with the scheduling director, program managers and assistant chairs to set up courses and distribute term-specific teaching contracts for adjuncts. Return signed contracts promptly to ensure on-time payment.

    Fall and spring term payments are made in four equal installments. Summer term payments are made in two equal installment. Contact your program manager or assistant chair for questions about the contract terms, and contact Payroll for questions about payments.

    Confirm Class Location and Roster in BannerWeb

    Use BannerWeb to download your class roster and confirm the location prior to the start of the course. Visit and select the “Faculty & Advisors” link to access rosters and classroom locations.

  • End of Term Procedures

    Schedule Course Exam

    If applicable, be sure to schedule your final exam during the official exam period. Most SPCS classes (undergraduate and graduate) schedule exams during the same class time in the same room the week following the end of the term. Special situations like hybrid or online classes and programs, and summer term classes, may follow a different schedule. Contact your assistant chair or program manager or coordinator for details.

    Review the appropriate academic calendar for exam dates each term.

    Submit Grades in BannerWeb

    Submit final grades by the posted deadline. Be aware that prospective graduating students have an earlier grade submission deadline than non-graduating students. Review policies, guidelines and deadlines on the Registrar’s webpage.

    Return Final Papers and Projects

    Return final papers and projects with feedback to students, if feasible. Some faculty members prefer to leave papers in their mailboxes in the Special Programs Building or with the receptionist in North Court.

    Archive Grades, Attendance & Blackboard Course

    It’s a best practice to archive copies of your grades. You may download your grades from Blackboard as a CSV file, which you should retain. Similar guidelines apply to attendance records, especially when attendance issues result in grade reduction. You may also archive your entire Blackboard course for future reference and use.

    Contact Information Services at for assistance.

  • Additional Requirements & Expectations

    Attend Faculty Meetings

    The School schedules two faculty meetings annually: one at the start of the Spring term in January, and one at the start of the Fall term in August or early September. Invitations and reservation requests are sent out by the Assistant to the Dean.

    Faculty meeting provide opportunities to hear a progress report from the Dean, to connect and network with colleagues, to engage in professional development opportunities, and to meet as program areas. Your attendance at faculty meetings helps reinforce the mission, values and culture of the School with our students.

    Attend SPCS Night

    SPCS Night is the School’s annual awards ceremony for graduating students, where program area book awards are bestowed and other honors are recognized. The Itzkowitz Family Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Award recipient is announced at SPCS Night, as is the Gibb Family Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

    The event includes an hour-long awards ceremony followed by cocktails and heavy appetizers in the Modlin Center lobby and patio.

    Attend Commencement

    Commencement Exercises are the highlight of the academic year at SPCS. Adjunct faculty members who taught in the summer, fall or spring term preceding Commencement are expected to attend the ceremony and march into the Robins Center wearing academic regalia of their highest degree received. The Assistant to the Dean sends out a request for responses early in the spring, along with an opportunity to order new academic regalia.

    Adjunct faculty members unable to attend Commencement are expected to provide a written explanation for the absence to the dean. Participation in Commencement is a contractual obligation.

    Engage in Professional Development

    The University offers a variety of professional development opportunities to adjunct faculty members. Most Faculty Hub events are open to adjunct faculty, and all are offered to faculty members free of charge. The Library often offers free opportunities for professional development; visit the Library website for details. The Provost’s office also provides faculty development resources.

    The best way to learn about professional development opportunities is by reading daily SpiderBytes. SpiderByte announcement are often the primary method for communicating opportunities to faculty and staff.

    Share Your Accomplishments

    When you are recognized for excellence in your profession and/or your teaching, we want to know about it, to place a reference to the recognition in your file, and to share that information across campus! Complete our Faculty & Staff Accomplishments form for a quick and easy way to share your accomplishments with the Assistant to the Dean and the SPCS Marketing Team.

    The University seeks to promote faculty accomplishments; we can’t promote recognitions we don’t know about.

    And if you have a story about teaching or your experience at SPCS that you’d like to share, we’d like to hear about that, too.

    Update Your Online Bio

    Your accomplishments are not automatically added to your online bio. If you wish to update your bio, complete any fields that apply on the Faculty/Staff Bio Update form. Be sure to update us about major events like job changes, title changes, and retirements. We’re also keen to update publication and presentation details.

    Your professional and academic experiences demonstrate excellence, and we want your bio to reflect that excellence. 

    Update Your Contact Information and CV

    While you may post your CV with your online bio, we also require up-to-date contact information and CVs on all active adjunct faculty. Please submit updates to the Assistant to the Dean.

    Nominate Yourself or Colleagues for the Innovations in Teaching Award

    The Innovations in Teaching Award recognizes teaching innovation and excellence among SPCS adjunct faculty members. Review the recommended innovations and complete the nomination form. Nominations are due annually on December 1 and are awarded during the Spring faculty meeting.

  • Promotion Procedures

    Adjunct faculty are reviewed for promotion at the end of each academic year. Adjunct faculty are eligible for consideration for promotion after seven (7) semesters of teaching service to the SPCS in rank, including semesters in which the adjunct faculty member supervised independent studies.

    Adjunct faculty eligible for promotion will be notified of their eligibility for promotion by the respective Program Chair in the semester prior to eligibility. Eligible adjunct faculty wishing to seek promotion must submit a brief outline documenting their contributions in each of the following areas.

    Use the Faculty Achievement Portfolio (Microsoft Word document, requires netID and password to access) to outline these contributions.

    Effective Teaching

    All faculty are expected to be effective teachers. Numerous criteria are available for use in judging teaching effectiveness, among them:

    • Ability to design courses and present material effectively
    • Level of preparation
    • Effectiveness of teaching methods
    • Quality of interaction with students both inside and outside the classroom
    • Adequacy of exams and other testing material
    • Adequacy of comments on student work
    • Timeliness of feedback on student work

    There are numerous ways to document effective teaching, including (but not limited to):

    • Student evaluations
    • Peer reviews
    • Letters from past students
    • Course materials, including syllabi, exams, class assignments
    • Online courseware
    • Student work products, including papers, projects and exams
    • Innovations in instructional methods
    • Self-evaluation
    • Teaching awards

    Engagement in the life of the School

    All faculty are expected to participate in the formal activities sponsored by the School. These include such activities as:

    • Semi-annual faculty meetings (fall and spring)
    • Departmental meetings, whether in-person or online
    • SPCS Night
    • Commencement

    Faculty may also engage informally in the following ways:

    • Participating in social or cultural activities sponsored by the School, University, SPCS Alumni Association, Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee, or the SPCS Student Government Association
    • Student advising/mentoring
    • Student career support
    • Discussion boards, e-mail threads

    Faculty should document their attendance and/or participation in these activities.

    Professional Development

    All faculty are expected to seek to improve professionally and in the classroom. Ways to document continuous learning include participation in various University or School-sponsored training sessions including:

    • Faculty Hub workshops and training sessions
    • Other UR training sessions
    • Online tutorials

    Additionally, attendance at professional conferences, publications, speeches or presentations all can count toward fulfillment of this criteria.

    Faculty may also engage in independent learning activities providing that they document the activity.

    The Faculty Achievement Portfolio should be submitted as a Word file in Box with clearly marked sections. Incomplete packets will be returned to the adjunct faculty member for resubmission. Once submitted, each chair will review the documentation presented to make a recommendation for promotion to the dean. The evaluation will be followed up by a letter from the dean indicating the outcome of the review. Portfolio will be filed in the adjunct’s personnel file.