Online Teaching & Learning Resources

The teaching and learning resources on this page are intended to be used to help instructors apply SPCS Guiding Principles to online learning environments.

There are thousands of resources that could be included in this list. We’ve curated these resources from among personal experience and recommendations from our own faculty and educators around the world for use in online instruction. We start with resources available from the University of Richmond, then from third-party providers.

We’ve organized these resources by instructional purpose and learning outcomes, and often include multiple tools for similar uses to address platform compatibility and level of comfort integrating learning technologies.

University of Richmond Resources

UR-Support Resources

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Collaborative Learning

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Digital Literacy & Storytelling

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Online Course Development

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Simulations & Labs

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  • General

    Dissection Peer Support System (DPSS): Online dissection program for college science students developed by Hong Kong University.

    ChemEye: Chemistry app for college students for smartphones developed by Hong Kong Baptist University.

    CELL Game: Competitive game can support up to 200 users. Instructors load questions and group students so they combine knowledge from answering questions with strategic thinking to win the game. Developed by Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

    USTEM: Program for STEM university majors, developed by Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    Virtual Human Organ App: Human anatomy simulation developed by Chinese University of Hong Kong for science students. 

    Fourier Transform App: Electrical and signal processing app provides simulations for physics, electrical engineering and linear systems. 

    Virtual labs and simulations for college students: Guide from Vanderbilt University to using virtual labs and simulations.

Books & Articles for Further Reading

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