Discontinued Awards

The following awards have been discontinued and are no longer awarded.

Deborah L. Peters Memorial Research Award

Established in 2006 by the School of Continuing Studies faculty program directors, this award is named in honor of their colleague who tragically passed away earlier this year. Deb Peters was faculty program director of the Human Resources Management program and Public Safety University programs. This award is presented to the graduate student who has conducted the best research as judged by a committee composed of SCS faculty and staff.

  • 2011: JoAnn Mukherjee
  • 2007: Gary Scott Edwards, Brian James Evans
  • 2006: Wesley R. Fertig

Elizabeth Spindler Scott Book Collection Award

Given by her children, her friends and her students, this award is presented to honor long-time adjunct professor Betty Scott and promote a scholarly interest in books, the development of personal libraries, and encourage undergraduate students to accumulate collections pertaining to some particular area of interest. Student collections are eligible for the award during a student's last year of study leading to a bachelor's degree.

This award was combined with the Elizabeth Spindler Scott Book Scholarship Award in 2013.

  • 2012: Margaret Dalton
  • 2011: Jeanette Ruiz
  • 2010: Susan W. Anderson
  • 2009: Vincent C. West
  • 2008: Betty J. Ownsbey, Johanna C. Merritt
  • 2007: Margaret Hofheimer Lewis
  • 2006: Jennifer Brown

Stratton and Peggy Almond Memorial Book Scholarship Award

Established in 2008, this award is presented annually to recognize a rising senior who has demonstrated academic success in the Weekend College program. The award shall be used to purchase books during the student’s final year of study at the School of Professional & Continuing Studies.

In 2020, funds designated for this award were redirected to support SPCS scholarships.

  • 2019: Christine McCoy, Kelly Davis
  • 2018: Kelly Davis, Joann Clack
  • 2017: Shayla Herbert, Debbie Everhart
  • 2016: James Kochany, Tammy Gressly
  • 2015: Gloria Sadowski, Matthew Hibbs, Jeremy DaCosta
  • 2014: Lynn Gaither, Jaclyn McConnell, Nina Wise
  • 2013: Sarita D. Baker
  • 2012: Christine Charley, Karen Hardy
  • 2011: Martha Pittaway, Amanda McKenzie
  • 2010: Kathryn DiPasqua, Heather M. Cassady, Jerry A. Stire
  • 2009: Thomas G. Barth, Alaké D. Hinton, Crystal H. Jones
  • 2008: Gregory C. Pulver, Larry V. Dumlao, Patricia D. White

Emergency Services Management Disaster Response Medals

  • 2012
    • Michael Chatman for service during the Virginia earthquake and Hurricane Irene
    • Heather Gordon for service during the Minot, N.D., floods
    • Marcie McFarland for service during Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee and the Alabama tornadoes
  • 2011
    • Lauren J. Twohig for 2010 Haiti earthquake response (American Red Cross)
    • Rob Schmidt for 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill Maritime Transportation System Recovery Unit
    • Michael Chatman for 2010 Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific hurricane response (6 incidents) and the Chilean tsunami response
    • Jeffrey Childs for 2010 Fairfax County, Virginia snow storm state of emergency

Emergency Services Management Research Award

This award is given to a graduating student who completes distinctive research in Disaster Science or Emergency Management.

  • 2013: Michael Metzger
  • 2012: Lauren Twohig, Aaron Bingaman
  • 2011: Michael Chatman
  • 2010: Andrea Chatman, Stephen Carpenter

George O. Squires Scholarship

Presented by Adjunct Assistant Professor J. Ronald Smith in support of an SPCS student to attend the James River Writers Conference.

  • 2008: Dawn Ball
  • 2006: Mary M. Wolf
  • 2005: Mary A. Hartsock

Graduate Programs in Disaster Science Book Award

This award was founded in 2003 to recognize excellence in the graduate programs in disaster science.

  • 2013: Michael Metzger
  • 2012: Michael Chatman
  • 2011: Charles Greene
  • 2010: Stephanie Merkli
  • 2009: Mary Kathleen Gorman
  • 2008: Patrick Quealey
  • 2007: John Daniel Eggleston
  • 2006: Charles Everette Vaughan, Jr.
  • 2005: Rochelle Brenner
  • 2004: Sondra Mendelson
  • 2003: Meredith Lynne Moss, Robert Charles Clark

Introducer of the Commencement Speaker

  • 2010: Amy Rice Meyers
  • 2009: Judy Strickland Casella
  • 2008: Dora R. Newman
  • 2007: Julie C. Hill

Louis J. Narduzzi Memorial Book Award Emergency Services Management

This award, founded in 2000, is given in honor of Dean Narduzzi’s father, Louis, who served as a police officer for 36 years.

In 2016, this award was reassigned from Emergency Management (a discontinued program) to Nonprofit Studies. The book award name continues to honor the service of Louis J. Narduzzi.

  • 2015: Christopher Ferguson
  • 2014: Joseph J. Bartos
  • 2013: Richard M. Troxel
  • 2012: Rose Boe
  • 2011: Teresa Scott
  • 2010: Kristine Benevento
  • 2009: Michael Allen Manning
  • 2008: Joseph E. Stambaugh
  • 2007: Jean Ann May
  • 2006: Christopher J. Mason
  • 2005: Wendy Keener
  • 2004: Anna McRay
  • 2003: William Richard Williams, Jr.
  • 2002: Stephen Elliott
  • 2001: Paul Pavey
  • 2000: L. Blanton Marchese

Steve Neal Book Award In Recognition of Excellence in the Undergraduate Program

In 2013, this award was discontinued and the Steve Neal Book Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement established as the single award for recognizing undergraduate excellence in Human Resource Management.

  • 2012: Michael Reining
  • 2011: Karen Munch
  • 2010: Cordelia D. Starkes
  • 2009: Christine Marie Gallegher
  • 2008: Lincoln W. Thomas
  • 2007: Evan Palmer Jayson, William R. Journigan
  • 2006: Karen C. Carr, John E. DiBacco

Steve Neal Book Award in Recognition of Excellence in the Graduate Program

In 2013, this award was discontinued and the Steve Neal Book Award for Outstanding Graduate Achievement was established as the single award for recognizing graduate excellent in Human Resource Management.

  • 2012: Eric Beatty
  • 2011: JoAnn Mukherjee
  • 2010: Mollie G. Harrison
  • 2009: Marguerite Dewey Daniels
  • 2008: Carl H. Culp
  • 2007: Scott Alan Kearns
  • 2006: Kimberly S. Lettner